Tom A

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£ 24.00-24.00 p/h

I have been tutoring on and off since 2013, where as an A-level student I was tutoring GCSE Maths students on the Level 3/4 boundary. All Students who attended all their lessons managed to achieve at least their target grade of at least a Level 4. I have since tutored A-level Mathematics and Physics students on the A/B grade boundary to successfully achieve their target grades. My relatable approach to the tutoring process allows for students to understand interesting key ideas without experiencing the boredom that occurs in the school classroom. Some further concepts will be often be explained to allow for easier ideas to be more convincingly understood. I will often explain why it is that a certain physical or mathematical law exists, or try to let the student figure out why themselves, rather than simply providing information to be remembered for the final exam. This has been proven to aid in memory retention.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I like to re-explain concepts from the ground upwards to allow for any lapses in education to be filled whilst ensuring that the new concepts are taught properly without confusion. Sometimes I will explain things in greater detail than the syllabus requires such that it makes more sense to the student, rather than simply telling them that "this is the way it is, now remember it".

What qualifications do you have?

I have obtained a 2:1 Bachelor's Degree in Physics from the University of Warwick.

Tell us about your experience...

I have been tutoting students since 2013. I initially tutored GCSE Maths students on the level 3/4 boundary, and have now become confident enough to successfully tutor students from the C grade level to an A grade in A-level Mathematics, Physics and Further Mathematics. I have been lucky to have been part of the success of many young peoples' studies over the course of the last many years, and I am very happy to continue this into the future.

What locations do you tutor in?

Before the pandemic regulations, I travelled to students to carry out tutoring sessions. In the current times I carry out all my lessons remotely via Zoom, using a whiteboard which I am able to write notes on and provide to the student at the end of each lesson.

What is your personal message to students?

Finding a subject boring is the easiest way to lack motivation. My teaching style makes the boring parts manageable, and the manageable parts very interesting.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes, I have a DBS certificate.
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Warwick, Kenilworth
Online tutor: I tutor via Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts
Subjects: Physics A-level and GCSE
  Maths A-level and GCSE