Sarah G

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£ 30.00-45.00 p/h

I am a primary school teacher and English Lead at a Surrey school. I have been teaching for 14 years and have a particular passion for English. I am particularly experience in UKS2, having been a Year 6 teacher for most of my career. Therefore, I understand SATs, 11plus etc. I am also willing to teach up to GCSE level for English.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I have a passion for reading and writing but I understand that this can be a challenge to some pupils. The curriculum is becoming more prescriptive but I try to balance the requirements of the National Curriculum with fun and engaging teaching and through the use of stimulating and inspiring texts. I use film in my teaching to appeal to learners of all styles. I focus on the children's challenges but also their strengths and play to these. I have high expectations but help children in meeting these in a supportive and nurturing way.

What qualifications do you have?

I have a degree in Sociology and Women's Studies and a PGCE in Primary Education. I am English Subject Lead so have attended many courses over the last 14 years linked to the teaching and learning of this subject area.

Tell us about your experience...

I gained my PGCE from Brighton University, studying part-time whilst working as a teaching assistant in a school for children with Speech and Language difficulties. I worked at a small primary school in South Godstone for five years - in Year 4 and Year 6. I currently work as a Year 5 teacher in a local Surrey school but, before this, I taught Year 6 for eight years. I am very experienced in the statutory assessment process (SATs) and have tutored children in the run-up to both these examinations and the 11+.

What locations do you tutor in?

I am happy to work within a 5 mile radius of Reigate Hill. I can offer online tutoring or tutoring at the student's home address.

What is your personal message to students?

Sometimes learning can be a challenge and it feels like there are many obstacles to overcome. It may be that you just need to hear something in a different way or over learn a new concept. A bit of extra work now could pay dividends in the future and help pave the way for new doors to open. I have worked with a range of different children and, as a result, have lots of ideas to suit all learning styles. In addition to this, I have endless patience, will always listen and will always aim to be a supportive, friendly and dedicated tutor who strives to do the best for her students.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Reigate, Redhill, Coulsdon, Hooley, Chipstead
Online tutor:
Subjects: English KS2
  Maths KS2
  English GCSE