Patrick R

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£ 12.00-25.00 p/h

I am a very capable and engaging tutor who has just finished my degree. As such I am still very aware of the challenges of A-Levels and remember what I had to do to get through those. I have tutored multiple children before and have been noted for my ability to explain mathematical concepts, breaking them down into more intuitive principles and then building up a larger whole. My degree was in Economics and this is something I am looking to pursue further academically, so I can be particularly helpful with both beginner and advanced study in that area.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching style is very reactive. My lesson plan might start out with a few questions or examples on an area that the student feels unsure of, but will then progress as and where the student has questions. I find this is a very good way to allow the student to actually learn a topic, as we are engaging with where their brain wants to go rather than prescribing a one size fits all policy on how concepts are understood.

What qualifications do you have?

I have recently been granted first class honours in my Economics Bachelor of Sciences. I undertook this immediately after completing my A-Levels, receiving an A in maths, an A in Economics, and a B in Geography.

Tell us about your experience...

I have tutored one student for their 11 plus which allowed them to get into their preferred school, with a particular focus on their mathematical ability. While the student struggled to understand a number of concepts, my methods of reactive learning and being able to explain mathematical concepts in broken down and simple terms allowed them to grasp such concepts. It also aided hugely in their confidence, as it gave them a space where they were happy to be wrong and felt confident they would be able to learn a concept and improve. Beyond this I helped in language teaching in my school for younger students when undertaking my AS level in German. This gave me some great experience in working in a classroom and helped me understand how teachers plan lessons and progress students through a course.

What locations do you tutor in?

Given the ongoing pandemic I will be tutoring online but I am happy to make socially distanced visits if the students feel that is necessary.

What is your personal message to students?

That so much of learning is about having a curiosity and having confidence! A subject will be far harder to learn if you are blindly writing down notes to learn with no connection to it, and will become a chore if you are constantly worried about getting it wrong. My advice would be that confidence will come from first being wrong, and that nobody learned anything without first making many mistakes.

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Home-based tutor: Yes
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Subjects: Economics A-Level
  Maths A-Level
  Geography A-Level