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Welcome to my profile. I am an experienced English tutor who has been teaching English language and literature online since I completed my Post-Graduate Certificate in Education in 2013. Literacy is rooted in language but literacy extends far beyond the capacity to read and write. It is the prism through which we engage with the wider world, construct identities and create meaning in all areas of daily life. It is culture, community, critique and creation all at once. This is what makes literacy such a fascinating subject to teach. It is also what can make it frustrating for those who do not feel they have so far found the keys to the treasure chest or who want to achieve their full potential in such a multi-faceted subject. I work with teenagers and adults who would like to improve their English skills. Most of the students I work with are currently in British secondary schools or colleges working towards their GCSEs or A levels. This includes my work for for the National Tutoring Programme, which helps students to catch-up following the disruption caused by covid-closures. I am extremely familiar with the AQA mark schemes in particular. On average my school and college students improve by two grades. Curriculums are completely personalised for each and every student, focussing on the student's own particular strengths and requirements in relation to their current course of study and wider educational objectives. In my role as a tutor my main contribution to students' success has always been flexibility and a willingness to engage creatively with what works for each individual student in terms of motivation and learning preferences in order to reach their personal objectives. I work with a restricted number of students at any one time to ensure they each receive the consideration and focus that is required to create a fully personalised and flexible curriculum which continually evolves in response to their progress. Work assignments are provided in between each online session. These are individual to each student and marked each week with extensive and considered feedback which enables students to continually engage with their own progress while ensuring that the content and pace of the course remain at the optimal level to ensure their success. My aim is for all of the students I work with, wherever they start, to find their own enjoyment engaging with the world of words, in order to reach their communicative potential and confidently fulfil their own scholastic ambitions. - N.B The 'available tutoring hours' shown on the webpage covers the summer holiday period. This will change in September when I will be tutoring mostly in the evenings again.

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CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: Zoom
Subjects: English KS3
  English GCSE
  English A level
  English Undergraduate