Gurvinder R

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£ 30.00-35.00 p/h

I am 25 years old, and am currently training to be an Actuary for a Global General Insurance firm in the City of London. Before my current role, I was a Cyber Security Consultant for PwC. I am a straight A student: achieving 7A* and 4As in my GCSEs, A*A*A (Maths, Chemistry, Biology) in A levels and a 1st Class degree in Mathematics from the University of Birmingham. I don’t take on many students at any one time in order to ensure that I put full attention into the ones that I currently do have. So please do reach out before spaces are fully taken up!

How would you describe your teaching style?

Think back to learning algebra. You learnt the basics just fine - how to add, multiply and even form equations! You also memorised a ‘method’ on how to solve a particular type of question. Then the exam comes - you answer the first few questions just fine, but then you come across a massive wordy question and have no idea where to start. You’ve learnt enough knowledge in class to be able to solve the problem - but are unsure of how to apply it to the question! ️ This is why I teach using the ELGAP method. The ELGAP method is what enabled me to achieve high grades in my own Mathematical studies. It works because it focuses on understanding concepts, not memorising methods. ELGAP stands for: EXAMINE a real world problem / past paper question as motivation LEARN the basic concepts from first principles GO through bookwork questions APPLY to original problem PRACTISE past papers questions. Here’s a bit more about how I deliver my lessons: - The ELGAP method is not a strict system, but a flexible framework, meaning that I am able to change my teaching style to suit the student whilst still staying true to the principles of ELGAP - When teaching concepts, I will first start with the assistance of graphs/diagrams so the student has a firm tangible grasp of the concept, and only then will I slowly move into abstraction - I will provide examples of where each maths topic is applied in the real world (such as in the natural sciences, engineering, economics, and computing) to increase their intellectual curiosity, making learning fun and not just a ‘chore’. Students learn better when they’re actually interested in the subject! - Communication and presentation in mathematics is key. I don’t teach students how to write an ‘answer’ - but rather a ‘solution’. The skill of presenting your reasoning is useful in all areas of life, and examiners will also enjoy reading a solution that explains each step and is structured logically! If I feel that the student would benefit from going beyond the syllabus to help them understand that maths wasn’t just ‘made up’, then I will do so, which will also increase their understanding around a topic - I’m not just a tutor, but a coach too and will help the student with exam technique, revision tips, university applications, careers advice, and other essential skills to help the student prepare for the real world - I will strive to establish a strong working relationship between myself and the student, creating a relaxed atmosphere where the student feels comfortable to learn and confident to ask questions

What qualifications do you have?

1st Class Maths Degree from a Russell Group University A level: A*A*A (Maths, Chemistry, Biology) GCSES: 7A*s & 4As

Tell us about your experience...

My tuition experience started from year 13, where I would tutor my younger peers and carried on throughout university, both at a tuition centre and outside of that. I tutored to students at various levels, from reception to A level - in both maths and the sciences. I have experience teaching face to face as well as online. Now that I am working full time alongside studying for my actuarial exams, I have realised that something is missing in life - my desire of teaching is still there. It is a fulfilling and rewarding vocation, and is something that I genuinely want to get back into!

What locations do you tutor in?

Currently all over the UK via Zoom etc. Face to face at my house in Leicester.

What is your personal message to students?

Maths is not an ability you’re born with, and every student can achieve high grade in maths? All it requires is the right teaching, working hard, and working smart. You don’t have to spend every waking hour revising it - once you understand and grasp a concept it doesn’t just disappear from your memory. This is my vision, to empower every student to realise their mathematical ability and to achieve their biggest dreams - whether that’s maths related or not!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Online tutoring - available for all of the UK. Face to Face - available in Leicester.
Online tutor: I tutor via Zoom, Teams, Skype or Google Meet or Face to Face
Subjects: Maths GCSE & A Level