Gordon C

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£ 30.00-35.00 p/h

I have a BSc in Applied Mathematics and an MSc in Mathematics and have been teaching Maths and Physics in secondary and further education for 35+ years. Privately I have taught all levels from KS2 to A Level and some undergraduate work in Maths, Physics and Engineering. I am patient, friendly and methodical in my approach to tutoring and try to instil confidence in my tutees as quickly as possible. I am flexible in my teaching methods and adapt my pace of delivery to the needs and ability of my tutee(s). I am happy to work with my tutee to explain and reinforce the ideas behind the current topics that they are studying in school or college so they are able to keep up with their classwork. One of the worst fears amongst students especially in Maths is falling behind the rest of their peer group and not understanding the work as well as everyone else. When I am satisfied that my tutee is able to cope with their current work then I often revise topics to ensure they do not forget past work. Both Maths and Physics require development of skills that constantly need practice. When it is close to tests or exams I will focus on exam paper questions from exam boards so that tutees are aware of the standard required for the grade they are aiming to achieve.

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CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Anglesey, Gwynedd
Online tutor: I tutor via Groupworld.net
Subjects: Maths Up to A level
  Physics Up to A level