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£ 20.00-25.00 p/h

Hi! My name is Eve. I am a English, History and Law tutor. I achieved A*s and A's at English and History at GCSE and A-level respectively, and now am in my 3rd year of a Law degree at the University of Manchester, averaging a first. I am patient, passionate, bubbly and determined. I have past experience working with 12-17 y/o students, have tutored English before, and would also supplement with GCSE Maths tutoring if the opportunity arose. Shoot me a message if your essay-writing is lacking! I am the tutor for you!

How would you describe your teaching style?

I am student-centered. I am currently studying a TEFL which taught me this approach. There should be more student than tutor talking, an open dialogue, and I aim to facilitate the students learning by asking guiding questions. I am exam-focused and design my tutoring sessions around specific exam questions. If a student is revising for an English language exam, I will break up sessions to complete a framework for each question. Mine is a goal-oriented approach, focusing on assessment.

What qualifications do you have?

5 A*s and 4 A's at GCSE, AAAA* in A-level English Literature, History, Photography and Extended Project. I am also in my 3rd year studying a Law degree at University of Manchester. I am undergoing a 168-hr Level 5 TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) course as I hope to teach English in Asia after University.

Tell us about your experience...

Working as a Carer, part-time for Manchester City Council from November 2018-March 2019 encouraged my desire to help those who needed it, and my ongoing role as a Student Ambassador of my University (working in student outreach), directed my time and energy towards young people. My confident, friendly and bubbly personality enabled me to relate to students whose behavioural problems, personal needs or level of understanding isolated them from their teachers at school and impeded their success. Furthermore, my two jobs as a senior manager at a Summer camp for International students between 12-17 years of age gave me the communication and problem-solving skills necessary to lead students of all ages, abilities and attitudes. For example, I personally dealt with a bullying issue between two students at camp, reporting back to both children’s families and agencies. My natural patience, determination and empathy flourished in these student-focused environments, and as such I plan to work with children in the future.

What locations do you tutor in?

I tutor online

What is your personal message to students?

As a child, I struggled in school. My reading age was low, and my maths skills poor. I was the youngest in my year, struggled to relate to my teachers; I was quiet, isolated and did not like school. Fast-forward a decade, and I achieved 5 A’s and 4 A*s at GCSE. Two years later; and it was AAAA* in English Literature, History, Photography and an Extended Project at A-level. Today, I am 3rd year law student at a Russell group University, averaging a first-class mark and have just returned from 6-months of Erasmus study in Poland. As my experience indicates, I believe that academic success is within the reach of us all. Natural ability is a myth, and instead success is made up of determination and hard-work, consistent practice, a supportive learning environment, and confidence. A tutor who relates to their students and acts as a resource for them to reach their highest potential, is a vital ingredient. This philosophy has led me to tutoring a GCSE English Language pupil on a similar platform to this previously, and to lending a hand to both my younger siblings when they took their GCSE exams. My academic achievements stem from a strategic approach to study focused on past papers, essay plans, and working ‘little but often’. Rather than a natural ‘gift’, academic skill is a muscle which must be regularly flexed. Be it English, History, Law or Photography – working ‘smarter’ (i.e. revising well by engaging with assessment methods) beats working ‘harder’. In summary - use your tutor as the resource and facilitator they are meant to be. I'd love to hear from you to help

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes, Disclosure Certificate
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: I tutor via skype
Subjects: English GCSE
  History GCSE
  Maths GCSE