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I'm a medical student in the West Midlands, offering tutoring in GCSE sciences, English Lang, Lit and Sociology. I also offer A-level tutoring in Biology and English Lit. I enjoy medicine as it is a great interface of the sciences (physiology, histology etc) and the humanities (public health and prevention, community based medicine etc), it also allows for good career satisfaction as you are able to help patients- much like a tutor is able to help students. I would help my students improve by letting them select a specific topic they feel less comfortable with before the session and then reviewing it in the session, making sure to clarify their understanding as we go. I would then give them a set of questions/tasks at the end of the session to do in their free time. If they feel assured in answering the questions/completing the tasks and the answers are correct then we won't have another session reviewing them. If they don't then we will. Requests for the specific topic would be best sent before the session so I can prepare questions/tasks though I understand a specific topic wouldn't always come to mind. I find that setting these questions and tasks is good as it makes sure the understanding is retained and that it can be reinforced if it is not.

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CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes, Disclosure
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Coventry, Walsall
Online tutor:
Subjects: English KS3/GCSE/A-level
  Biology KS3/GCSE/A-level
  Chemistry KS3/GCSE
  Physics KS3/GCSE
  Sociology KS3/GCSE
  Maths KS3/GCSE