Smart Technology Will Help Learners Maximise Online Tuition

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Smart technology that empowers learners to get more out of their online tuition sessions has been introduced to the Bramble live online teaching platform.

Bramble's AI-powered Smart Subject Detection technology searches through transcripts of audio, whiteboard notes and resources from a learner's live online tutoring sessions and then automatically labels and files the content into precise subject areas.

This allows the learner to quickly and accurately pinpoint exact topics for revision and review far more quickly and easily than in the past, said Bramble co-founder Will Chambers.

He added: "The Bramble platform already uses sophisticated speech recognition and transcription technology to provide automatic transcripts of tuition sessions that can then be used by student and tutor for revision and reference.

"This technology makes these transcripts an even more powerful learning and revision aid and cements Bramble's reputation as the most technologically advanced live online teaching platform currently available."

Bramble's Smart Subject Detection technology uses artificial intelligence to determine the academic subject matter of live lessons with an accuracy level of more than 99%. If the system is not fully confident it will decline to make a suggestion.

Will Chambers added: "Differentiating between maths and English can reliably be done with current techniques but understanding the difference between, say, trigonometry taught in Spanish and English as a foreign language is much more complex.

"Even mainstream humanities subjects such as English, history and geography have huge areas of vocabulary overlap, as do many of the sciences like maths and physics, or physics and chemistry.

"Our system has learned to create clusters for 35 subjects using a vector space of more than 35,000 dimensions. This allows it to learn insightful semantic associations between sentences and topics, greatly increasing its accuracy. The technology has now labelled 50,000 Bramble sessions to date."

The Bramble live online teaching platform was launched by London-based Bramble Technologies in 2016. It is designed for live online tutoring in one-to-one and small group settings and also supports whole class teaching. Bramble was made freely available to tutors and teachers worldwide in early March as the lockdown loomed. Since then it has hosted more than 360,000 hours of live teaching and learning in 132 countries – 26 times greater usage compared to a year ago.

About Bramble

London-based Bramble Technologies was founded by Will Chambers and Dan Houldsworth. Bramble's online tutoring and teaching platform is designed for teaching and is currently used by more than 52,000 tutors and students in 155 countries. The experience and knowledge gained from more than 430,000 hours of online tuition has given Bramble a unique insight into how people teach and learn online.

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