First Tutors Acquired by U.S Tutoring Company Varsity Tutors

Screenshot of the First Tutors website

The UK-based tutoring company First Tutors has been acquired by Varsity Tutors as part of the U.S company’s international expansion.

The details of the deal haven’t been disclosed but according to Varsity Tutors founder, Chuck Cohn, the company will work to integrate their platform with First Tutors and its existing users. It has been reported that both companies will continue to operate on their own for the time being.

Since its launch in 2011, Varsity Tutors has raised $57 million through funding. The platform was originally created to connect students with tutors for in-person teaching, and since has expanded to provide online tutoring services. The platform currently has 40,000 tutors registered, offering 1,000 subjects.

First Tutors currently operates in the same way that Varsity Tutors did when it first launched. In recent years, First Tutors has grown to become one of the largest in-person tutoring platforms in Europe.

More information on the acquisition can be found on the Tech Crunch website.

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