Artificial Intelligence in Private Tutoring: An Algorithm That Matches Students with Tutors

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The University College of London's (UCL) Institute of Education in partnership with MyTutor, have developed an algorithm that matches students to private tutors.

A recent article published in the Telegraph, reports that scientists have developed an algorithm that matches students to private tutors.

The news comes following the launch of the Telegraph’s new tutoring service, Telegraph Tutors, which is powered by the MyTutor Platform.

The algorithm has been created by the University College London’s (UCL) Institute of Education in partnership with MyTutor to create the “tutor of the future”.

The algorithm works by asking parents a series of questions about their child’s personality, including whether they’re confident, anxious, creative, or logical. The answers are then used by the algorithm to match the child to a suitable tutor who has similar characteristics to the child.

Prof Luckin said she believes the use of AI in education will become increasingly common in the coming years 

James Grant, co-founder of MyTutor, said ‘Tutoring is something that hasn’t really changed in so many years. If tutoring can cost less, be more convenient and better quality, then that has to be the future of tutoring.’

Professor Rose Luckin, from UCL’s Institute of Education, added, ‘We are starting to develop a way of using artificial intelligence to automate the interview process and make sure the initial relationship has the potential to be successful.’

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that UCL has teamed up with a tutoring provider. Last year, The Guardian published an article that reported UCL were exploring the use of AI with online Maths provider Third Space Learning.

Does the use of artificial intelligence in tutoring mark the future of the industry? Share your thoughts below.



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