Ex-Google Employee Who Paid His University Fees by Tutoring Launches New App

Screenshot of Scoodle website homepage
New Tutoring App: Scoodle

'Ismail Jeilani used his experience of working as a tutor to launch new app.'

After being accepted to study at Kings College London, Ismail Jeilani didn’t want to take out a loan to pay for his tuition fees.

Rather than graduate with £9,000 worth of debt, the entrepreneurial student built his own private tutoring business, teaching Economics and Arabic, all the while studying for his own exams.

After leaving university debt-free, Ismail secured a job working for Google in Ireland as an Account Strategist.

Thanks to his experience of working as a private tutor, Ismail launched Scoodle, a tutoring app that connects students with tutors. The app enables students to search for tutors and book lessons, while tutors manage their accounts.

Following its launch in May 2017, the app is currently increasing its tutors by 30% week-on-week.

You can read the article in full on Business Insider.

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