Free 11 Plus Educational Materials to Help Your Child Succeed

Free 11 Plus Educational Materials to Help Your Child Succeed

Bright Young Things tuition centre launches new resource - The 11 Plus Website...

The team from the tuition centre firm Bright Young Things Tuition have launched a new resource site called The 11 Plus Website.

This provides, among other things, free 11 plus materials including free practice papers.


What is The 11 Plus Website?


The 11 Plus Website, created by Bright Young Things Tuition, was setup to give guidance to parents about the 11 plus examination set by state grammar schools to determine which children should get in.

Right now it's estimated that approximately 100,000 children sit the 11+ examination in England each year, but there are only 15,000 spaces! This gives each child about a one in six chance of getting in, so it's no wonder parents want to do everything in their power to help their child succeed.

The 11 Plus Website guides parents through everything from where to apply for an entry form, what a child needs to do to prepare for the test and how best for the child to revise.

On top of that they provide, as mentioned, some great free materials to help your child through the exams. In particular they offer English and Maths downloads to help with the revision for the 11 Plus and, on top of that, you can download free practice tests in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.

This is a great resource as practice papers can be quite costly, so download your free papers while you can.


Who Are Bright Young Things Tuition?


The website was launched by Bright Young Things Tuition, who have tuition centres across the South of England.

They provide tailored lessons in small classes to help children achieve their goals and needs. Their classes are fun and stimulating and the small size of the class means that each child gets the appropriate level of attention they need from a tutor.

All of the tutors are top of what they do and share in Bright Young Thing's philosophy to enable children to become self-learners and inquisitive beyond the textbook.

Their success rates speak for themselves, with 97% of pupils going on to secure a place in a grammar school of their choice.

They don't just cover the 11 and 13 plus either, they are also specialists in helping children prepare for GCSE and A Level exams as well!

As well as all that they offer private tuition for those parents who think their children would benefit from the kind of one-to-one teaching private tuition brings. Their private tutors are from top universities who have a genuine passion for the subject they teach.

If you think this might be the right thing for your child then you can book an introductory lesson for your child on the Bright Young Things Tuition website and see how they find the experience.

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