New Tutoring Company Tutora Launches in Yorkshire

New Tutoring Company Tutora Launches in Yorkshire

Co-founders Mark Hughes and Scott Woodley launch new tutoring company...

This year has seen the launch of several new tutoring companies and now Tutora will join the ranks of HashTag Tuition and BrightLeap as the new kids on the block for 2015. Tutora was founded earlier this year by two longtime friends Mark Hughes and Scott Woodley. 

Tutora's story began when Mark was working as a full-time tutor and was looking to grow his business into a full tuition agency. Mark and Scott got speaking about his plans, and realised that they both wanted to build something that would allow tutors to grow and manage their own tuition business.

After about 6 months of planning, Tutora was born.  

Tutora is different from a lot of other tutoring agencies out there in that parents and students can find and book tutors without having to go directly through the company. All their tutors have profiles on the site, and students can exchange messages with them directly before booking lessons.

Speaking to The Tutor Website, Mark Hughes said:

'We hope Tutora can retain all the good things about a full-service agency. We conduct an in-depth initial meeting with prospective clients to figure out exactly what they are looking for and how we can best help them. And of course, we are always on hand to offer advice and guidance.

We're really excited to offer a comprehensive and modern tuition service to the people of Yorkshire.'

 Speaking about their plans for the future, Mark added:

'At the moment we are focused on growing and managing the business in Yorkshire. We do have plans to expand to other cities in the North of England, and eventually to launch nationwide.

We also have an exciting list of new features we're adding to the site, such as giving tutors the ability to write feedback reports at the end of every lesson.'

For more information about the services that Tutora offer, check out their website at

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