BBC Radio 4 Programme Explores the Attitudes Towards Private Tutoring

BBC Radio 4 Programme Explores the Attitudes Towards Private Tutoring

'You and Yours' programme gathers the opinions of a variety of people with an interest in the industry...

BBC Radio 4’s consumer affairs programme ‘You and Yours’ recently explored the subject of private tuition. The programme showcased various attitudes within the industry and spoke to an eclectic mix of people including students, parents and educational professionals.


Among those interviewed for the show was journalist and author Tanitha Carey, whose recent novel ‘Taming the Tiger Parent’ speaks about private tuition and its current lack of regulation. During the programme, Tanitha shares her experiences of hiring a private tutor to help her children and explains that the outcome wasn’t wholly positive.


The programme also interviews Dr Lee Elliot Major, the Chief Executive of the Sutton Trust who speaks about the issue of social mobility and possible models for making tutoring more affordable.


Edd Stockwell from London tutoring agency Tutorfair also discusses his agency’s model for making private tutoring more accessible to families on lower incomes. During the programme, Edd mentions that Tutorfair has just helped its 2500th student for free.


Tutorfair has also provided a snippet of Edd's transcription, which can be read on their website or heard in the video below:



The full Radio 4 programme can be heard on the BBC 4 website by following this link:


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