Research: 1 in 10 Parents Pay up to 5K for Kids to Pass 11-Plus

Research: 1 in 10 Parents Pay up to 5K for Kids to Pass 11-Plus

Parents are paying thousands of pounds for private tutoring to get their kids into grammar schools.

New research carried out by Eleven Plus Exams has revealed that 10% of families are prepared to spend between £2,500 and £5,000 on private tutoring while 22% spend £1,000 to £2,500.


The article, which was published in the Express online, revealed that two thirds of children who take the Eleven Plus exam have had private tutoring, with some parents paying more than £50 an hour.


The research was based on a poll of nearly 7,000 families and found that the use of private tutors was more widespread than initially thought. The article suggests that the reason for the demand for tutors is due to parents' hopes for their children gaining places at the best grammar schools.


Ilesh Kotecha, the founder of Eleven Plus Exams said: 'The majority of parents said they believe that private tutors significantly enhance their child’s chances in the 11-plus exam. More than 70 per cent thought that children from private junior or prep schools had an advantage over children from state schools.'


Nearly one in five families paid tutors more than £30 an hour, with 3% paying more than £50 an hour, the survey showed.


Bob McCartney, the chairman of the National Grammar Schools Association, said: 'The reason for extensive tutoring is because there is so much demand for the few grammar school places that are available. People are desperate. The idea that the two main political parties favour parental choice is nonsense. The way to stop widespread tutoring is to open more grammar schools.'


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