Parents Seek £144,000 a Year Private Tutor

Parents Seek £144,000 a Year Private Tutor

Surrey family looking for nine year old daughter

The parents of a nine-year-old girl are offering £144,000-a-year for a private tutor because they are worried their daughter is falling behind her peers at school.


The Surrey family is offering one lucky individual a £144,000-a-year salary to provide after school support to their nine year old - that's £12,000 a month.


According to the online advert, the girl entered her school as one of the top five students but is now 'behind her peers across the board, and is consistently scoring in the bottom quartile, often more than 20 per cent under the median.


The family's advert goes on to say: 'The slide seems to have started upon entering the new school. Perhaps because the competition with her peers was much higher, where she had previously been able to rely on her natural intelligence, this strategy has not been sufficient to keep her in the top ranks.'


The girl, said to be lovely, well-mannered and respectful, requires assistance seven days a week until her summer exams are over, according to the advert.


Once a suitable tutor has been recruited, the youngster will be expected to study after school from 6pm to 8.30pm and for up to five hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


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