Coming Soon...'The Private Tuition Boom'

Coming Soon...'The Private Tuition Boom'

Our third eBook will be released on 16th September 2013

'The Private Tuition Boom' is the latest eBook due for release from The Tutor Website. A unique insight into the latest trends of the UK private tuition industry, the book will provide the latest statistics, facts and figures on private tutoring in the UK. Our eBook will be free to download from our website on the 16th September 2013.

Our table of contents:

Part 1: A Growing Industry

              - The Private Tuition Industry Today

              - Fuelling the Private Tuition Boom

              - Private Tuition as a Full-time Career

              - The Government’s Tax Catch up Plan

              - The Evolution of the School Education System


Part 2: Understanding Private Tuition

              - Why Do People Become Private Tutors?

              - Marketing Made Easy

              - Private Tuition Agencies

              - Improving Learning

              - What Makes a Good Tutor?

              - How Do I know If My Child Needs a Tutor?

              - Choosing the Correct Tutor

              - Safety Matters


Part 3: The Future of Tuition

            - Online Tuition

            - The Role of Private Tuition in Schools

            - A Professional Body


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