Tutors Targeted by HMRC Tax Evasion Campaign

Tutors Targeted by HMRC Tax Evasion Campaign

HMRC Tax Evasion campaign

A recent article published in the Daily Telegraph, states that ex-pat tutors who tutor abroad for several months are being targeted by HMRC and being encouraged to declare any income they have earned while working overseas.

HMRC’s website states that from autumn 2011, private tutors, amongst other professionals will be the focus of a campaign to clamp down on tax avoidance.  HMRC are encouraging anyone who believes the campaign activity may apply to them, to come forward and voluntarily disclose their earnings.

The HMRC campaign, which focuses on those who provide private tuition and coaching, intends on making use of ‘new enhanced technology’ in order to search for those who may be avoiding paying tax on their self-employed earnings.

For more information on paying tax as a private tutor, please read our Paying Tax as a Tutor page.

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