How it works - for tutors

How Our Service Works

The Tutor Website enables parents and students to find in-person tutoring in their local area, searching by subject, level, postcode and location. We also provide a list of online tutors, who provide tuition through third-party websites like Skype.

The Tutor Website has a commission-free structure, which means we don’t add a markup, or take a cut of individual lessons. Instead, we let parents browse all of our tutors and message as many as they like for free to enquire about their suitability and availability.

Once parents have found a suitable tutor, we ask for a one-time fee of £18.99 in return for providing the tutor’s contact information. Payments are made online using PayPal, and can be processed even without a PayPal account. Once payment has been made to The Tutor Website, all lesson arrangements are then made between parent and tutor directly, using the tutor’s personal contact details.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike most tutoring agencies, we don’t charge a commission on every lesson that parents and tutors arrange. Our commission-free model means that tutors don’t need to inflate their prices to compensate for commission cuts, and parents don’t pay any ongoing fees on top of tutors’ hourly rates.

We provide parents with full access to our database of tutors and let them decide who is the most suitable to teach their child based on their experience, qualifications and direct messages. Unlike other tutoring platforms, we don’t provide a ‘matching’ service based on artificial intelligence and algorithms. We believe that parents should have the freedom to choose a tutor based on their own criteria and that the process should be transparent.

FAQs for Tutors

How do I register as a tutor?

You can register as a tutor by completing the initial application form, here. Once we’ve reviewed your application, you’ll receive an email to set your password to access your dashboard. You can then complete the rest of your profile and send your photographic ID for verification.

Please note that your photo ID will not appear on your profile and will be deleted from our database immediately after being approved.

Why isn’t my profile live yet?

All applications are reviewed manually by The Tutor Website before being made live. Once we’ve approved your application, you need to complete your profile and submit your photo ID before your profile will be live and searchable on the site.

How do I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile by logging in to your tutor dashboard, here.

How are tutors ranked on The Tutor Website?

The order in which tutors are displayed on location pages is determined by how complete their profiles are. Tutors with the highest feedback ratings are displayed first, followed by those with 100% complete profiles, then those with 75% complete profiles and so on.

What personal information is released when a parent requests my details?

Once a parent has paid our £18.99 fee, they will receive an email that confirms your email address, so they can schedule lessons with you directly, in private.

Please note that we don’t provide students or parents with your home address details. If you tutor from home, it’s up to you as a tutor, to provide this information to the student/parent.

What if I don’t have capacity to take on new students?

If you don’t have availability, or would prefer not to tutor a student, we ask that you still reply to requests to state your unavailability. You may also want to state in the introductory message on your profile that you’re currently fully-booked.