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Craig H

Computing Science Tutor

£20.00-40.00Academic tutor

I am an enthusiastic and passionate Computing teacher. I pride myself in being flexible to your requirements for your child. I currently work in and have an excellent knowledge of the curriculum.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Most Areas
Online tutor: Skype, Google Hangouts
Subjects: Computing Higher
  Computing National 5
  Computing CfE
  ICT Various

paul l

Private ICT, Business Studies Tutor

£15.00-30.00Academic tutor

I am an IT Expert with over 25 years experience. I can help you with business studies, accounting, IT, computing, all things business software related

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: yes, enhanced
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: skype, email, phone, zoom
Subjects: Accounting & Finance AAT
  Business Management degree
  Computing experience
  ICT higher diploma

Sarah H

Primary, KS3, GCSE English tutor in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland

£15.00-20.00Academic tutor

I am currently studying Law at Queen’s University Belfast.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Access NI check
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: County Antrim
Online tutor: Skype, Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc.
Subjects: English Primary, KS3, GCSE
  ICT Primary, KS3, GCSE
  Biology KS3, GCSE
  Maths Primary & KS3
  Physics KS3 & GCSE
  Science Primary, KS3, GCSE
  Law GCSE & A-level

Angela A

KS2 , KS3 ,GCSE 11 Plus tutor in Folkestone , South East

£25.00-30.00Academic tutor

I have been a teacher for over 17 years. I have taught in private schools, public schools, Grammar schools, International schools and am currently teaching in a local Secondary Academy. My main teaching subjects have been Mathematics, Science ,ICT and Computing. I have been tutoring youngsters for the 11+ entrance exam since 2005 when my own children successfully secured places at a Grammar school.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: Zoom
Subjects: 11 Plus KS2 , KS3 ,GCSE
  Maths KS2, KS3 , GCSE
  Computing KS2, KS3, GCSE

Bruce P

Guitar Tutor in Virginia Water, Surrey

£20.00-50.00Academic tutor

Guitar Tutoring - Rock, Blues and Folk - with some classical too :-)

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Within a 15 - 20 mile radius of Virginia Water
Online tutor: I tutor via Skype; Zoom; or MS Teams
Subjects: Music Grade8
  Accounting & Finance Trial Balance
  Design & Technology
  English as a foreign language

Katharine M

GCSE, A Level, ICT, Computing, Beginner, Intermediate English as a Foreign Language, Piano tutor in East Finchley, Barnet, London

£40.00-45.00Academic tutor

I have been tutoring for many years. I help prepare for exams. I can help with a wide range of computing skills, please send a query if I have not mentioned the subject area you need help with.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Muswell Hill, North Finchley, Barnet, Golders Green, Finchley Central
Online tutor: Skype, Hangouts
Subjects: Computing All
  English as a foreign language All
  Music Piano
  ICT All

Nikki G

KS3, GCSE, A Level Business Management, Citizenship, Computing, ICT, English, Maths tutor offering tutoring in Halifax, Calderdale, York and Humberside

£20.00-35.00Academic tutor

I believe everyone can achieve in their education. By developing individual learning plans and using the style that is best for you I turn that I Can't into I Can. I have been teaching for over 10 years and understand the barriers to learning that can occur during your education journey. With a growth mindset and positive attitude we break down those barriers to enable students to succeed in their learning. I have taught in a range of secondary schools predominantly teaching Business, ICT, And Computing. I have also taught Maths, Media and citizenship.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Bradford, Huddersfield, Calderdale. Additional cost for travel applies
Online tutor: Skype
Subjects: Business Management Up to A level
  Citizenship Up to Gcse
  Computing Up to GCSE
  ICT Up to GCSE
  English Up to GCSE
  Maths Up to GCSE

Owais M

Private Computing

£20.00-35.00Academic tutor

I have a passion for teaching and helping younger students to succeed good results. I have experience in many subjects which I have done and taught in Secondary Schools. So I have had a great record helping students to perform well where I can listen to the student and go the extra mile. I have also achieved a Hons degree in computing from university and i am aware of the national school curriculum.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: I tutor via Skype and Zoom
Subjects: Computing 5
  Sociology 5
  ICT 5
  English 3
  Geography 3

Rob B

11 Plus, Primary, KS1, KS2 English, Maths, Computing tutor in Birmingham

£25.00-30.00Academic tutor

I am a fully qualified teacher, with over 10 years experience in the classroom. My expertise is in Year 6, but I have taught all years from Year 1 to Year 6. I am very familiar with the 11+, having taught in both Kent and the West Midlands. Please get in touch and I’d be more than happy to devise a course to maximise your child’s learning!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: West Midlands
Online tutor: I can tutor via Skype, FaceTime or in person
Subjects: 11 Plus
  Primary Education KS1 & KS2
  English KS1 & KS2
  Maths KS1 & KS2
  Computing KS2

Angela N

All 11 Plus tutor in Egham, South East

£45.00-50.00Academic tutor

With twenty-five years of teaching experience, I adapt lessons to suit all ages, abilities and learning styles. My qualifications include a B.Ed. in Education & Training, PGCE, TEFL, LCCI in Teaching Business English, various teaching diplomas. I am a fully competent English and Maths teacher. I am passionate about the subjects I teach and strive to help children and their families achieve their goals.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Egham, Slough, Staines, Virginia Water, Englefield Green, Ascot Windsor
Online tutor: Zoom
Subjects: 11 Plus All
  English GCSE
  English as a foreign language All
  Maths Primary - KS1 & KS2
  Primary Education
  IELTS Advanced

Harry S

College Computing tutor in London, London

£15.00-20.00Academic tutor

Hello, I am 19 years experienced Online Tutor and Assignment Helper for Computer Science. I teach PHP, MySQL, Programming in C, C++, Java, ASP, C#.NET, Visual Basic, Oracle, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Data Structures, MS Office. I have teaching experience of teaching IT Professionals , students from different grades, graduate and post graduate classes for more than 19 years. Presently I am teaching students online, providing homework assignment help, provide help in online tests for the students from USA ,UK, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Austria, Malta, Saudi Arab etc. Also, I am in Software Development and Web Designing. I have helped more than 1200 students from different countries in last 19 years. Regarding my teaching methodology, I always start teaching the concepts right from the scratch so that the students can learn concepts easily. I would like to describe you how do I teach through Internet . There is 100 % interaction between me and my students using Internet. I use voice chat through Skype to demonstrate the things and remote administration software ie. Teamviewer which is required for practical demonstration at student`s PC. If you join the course with me, I assure you that it will be value for your time and money. For further information feel free to email me at Also, you can add me in Skype and my skype id is hardeep_sp Thanks Harry

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: No
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor:
Online tutor: Teamviewer and Skype
Subjects: Computing College
  Design & Technology College
  ICT School

Nisha A

Online tutor-Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Programmin

£20.00-35.00Academic tutor

"I am a graduate from the University of Trento majoring in Data Science. I have been teaching for the last 5 years (online for 4 years) and have helped several students and even teachers clear doubts, exams, solve homework/assignment, check exam papers or attain practical knowledge in some fields (for professional and non-professional reasons). Specialization:- 1. IELTS/TOEFL Preparation 2. Test Preparation 3. Solve Homework/Assignment 4. Prepare exam question paper/ correct answer sheets 5. Teach specialized subject - Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Programming Languages, Chemistry 6. One to one and group tutoring sessions

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: No
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: Skype, Zoom, Google meet
Subjects: Maths Pre school to Bachelor's
  Physics Pre school to Bachelor's
  ICT Pre school to Bachelor's
  Chemistry Pre school to 12th grade

Scott W

Computing, ICT tutor in Glasgow, Strathclyde

£25.00Academic tutor

Hi there! My name is Scott! I can be your tutor for either Secondary Education Computing studies, as well as providing tuition for adult learners, such as CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ as well as Cisco content. I also teach web development. i.e. HTML/CSS, as well as UI/UX design principles. I also teach Microsoft Office products, as well as miscellaneous skills, i.e. planning, setting goals, time management, motivation, as well as other soft skills! I have taught a number of international students from various nations, some of which are China, Thailand, Russia and Turkey, how to develop their own webpage, providing the essential starting point for web/mobile app development. My students finish their lessons with a smile on their face, and I do my utmost to ensure my students are engaged, motivated, and inspired to succeed in their goals and aspirations. I elicit from my students their goals, and advise them on a career path that would be suited to their interests, and provide ample resources, both on development-related topics, and other essential skills. Learning is a journey, and I can take you on that journey!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: N/A
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: I use mainly Discord, but can also use Zoom or any other video conferencing software
Subjects: Computing

Shuqin Z

all levels Mandarin tutor in Oxford, South East

£35.00-100.00Academic tutor

I am a native Mandarin speaker and have 20+ years of experience of both tutoring and teaching Chinese at numerous of leading independent schools in the UK. I specialise in GCSE and A Level tuition and have an outstanding track record of success so far; I have taught 150+ GCSE and A Level Chinese students who have achieved A* grades in their exams. I also have experience tutoring adults, such as MBA and DPhil students from University of Oxford. In my spare time, I volunteer to teach at Oxford Chinese School, a community school that aims to teach Chinese to British-born Chinese children. I also have extensive experience working in education and have been working in leading independent secondary schools and universities for my entire career.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: Teams, Zoom
Subjects: Mandarin all levels
  ICT Primary
  ICT Secondary

Alexandros X

GCSE, A Level, University ICT, Computing tutor in Goodge Street, Camden

£20.91-41.51Academic tutor

+Private Online University Programming Tutor. Time: Weekdays & Saturdays 7am-7pm. Online tuition schedule with PayPal integration.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: Tuition via TeamViewer
Subjects: Computing University
  ICT University

Katharine M

All Computing tutor in London, London

£40.00-45.00Academic tutor

I hold a doctorate in Computer Science and I also work commercially in technology. I am keen to help students prepare for and excel in their GCSEs, A Levels, and university courses (ICT modules as part of other courses) as well as occupational courses and general interest covering all aspects of Computer Science/ICT/Technology. I have a PhD and an MSc in Computer Science (winning an award), a BA in Music, a TEFL qualification, and technology certifications (Java programming, Java web dev, PHP, ITIL). I teach computer science at all levels and I help prepare students for exams and exam projects (please note I won't do the projects for you). I have a very wide range of technical knowledge. Please query if you have something specific. I also teach English as a Second Language with 10+ years teaching experience in EFL for adult learners. I also teach Piano and theory of music RSM up to grade 5 and just for fun, all ages, with 25+ years experience. I can help with Music exams too (up to GCSE). I'm happy to take on remote online students from around the country.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Recent enhanced DBS check
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: Zoom mainly.
Subjects: Computing All
  English as a foreign language All
  ICT All
  Computer Science All

Paul G

Maths, ICT tutor in Alford, Aberdeenshire

£25.00-45.00Academic tutor

I am a newly retired teacher with 26 years of experience in a variety of mainstream and special schools as a teacher and Head of Department. I have also had responsibilty for teacher training as an Initial Teacher Training Coordinator and been a member of a Senior Leadership Team. This experience gives me the skills to tailor my teaching to the individual needs of the tutee using differentiated language and resources. When living in England I was involved in tutoring on a regular basis. My approach to maths tuition centres on teaching using carefully sequenced steps, which must each be mastered before pupils move to the next stage. Fundamental skills and knowledge are secured first. I focus my teaching on National 1 to 5 maths, application of maths and basic skills for children and adults. I can tutor at my home or come to you - the higher rate is charged if I travel. I can also offer tutoring via Skype or Zoom and using Google Classroom, if you have a Google account. Generally I am available weekdays and evenings and at certain times at the weekend.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes PVG and DBS disclosure
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: 15 miles radius from Towie, Glenkindie, Alford, Aberdeenshire
Online tutor: I tutor via Skype and Zoom
Subjects: Maths National 1 to 5
  Maths Basic Numeracy Skills (adults)
  ICT Core Skills (adults)

Abu A

GCSE, A Level, University Computing, ICT, Business Management tutor in Binley, Coventry, West Midlands

£20.00-40.00Academic tutor

Season IT professional working with enterprise level organisations. Experienced in private tutoring for over five years with experience teaching Business, Comptuting and general Information Technology related subjects.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Birmingham, Rugby
Online tutor: I tutor via most video-conferencing tools, Skype and MS Teams being my preferred options.
Subjects: Computing Up to Masters level
  ICT Up to Masters level
  Business Management Up to Masters level

Andy G

12-18 ICT tutor in Rhyl, North

£20.00-40.00Academic tutor

Hi, I am a Secondary school Computer Science teacher. I am available to help students develop their knowledge in preparation for WJEC GCSE and A Level exams in Computer Science and ICT

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Prestatyn, Denbigh, St Asaph, Kinmel Bay
Online tutor: Teams, Skype and Zoom
Subjects: 12-18
  ICT 12-18

Connor G

A Level Physics, Maths, ICT, Computing tutor in Swindon, Wiltshire

£8.00-15.00Academic tutor

Hello! Thanks for taking a look at my profile. I am a professional software engineer at a FTSE 250 world-leading engineering company, specialising in real-time data processing and machine learning. I graduated in 2016 with a first-class Master of Engineering degree in Software Engineering at Aberystwyth University, where I had the privilege of guest lecturing to first and second year students. I am professionally accredited by the BCS, and also volunteer as a STEM Ambassador, visiting schools, colleges and careers fairs to help inspire the next generation of engineers. I sincerely hope you will allow me to privilege of working to help to you fulfil your academic and career objectives. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly, where I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Swindon, Malmesbury, Tetbury, Wootton Bassett
Online tutor: I am happy to tutor via Skype, Google Hangouts, or face-to-face.
Subjects: Computing Degree or below.
  ICT Degree or below.
  Maths A-level or below.
  Physics A-level or below.

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