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Heaja S

Qualified Science Teacher, King's College London Graduate

£40.00-50.00Academic tutor

King's College London Graduate and a Qualified Science & chemistry teacher at a private school I embarked upon a PGCE course in secondary science with Chemistry at the London Metropolitan University. After some theoretical based learning, I was given the platform to learn the tools of the trade at two different challenging comprehensive school academies based in South London. As a trainee, I was able to graft acquired skills into practise and harness them in a way that would yield positive outcomes. I accomplished a Masters (Distinction) in my summative essay on "What do you consider to be the most effective pedagogic principles for teaching in science today?" This essay boasted personal experiences during my teaching placements along with contemporary research on science pedagogy. I graduated in the summer of 2017 with a Masters (Honours) level and embarked upon my first NQT post as a science teacher at George Green's school the following December. I taught KS3 and KS4 science to all year groups and I deliver specific mentoring to two students on a daily basis to help improve their behaviour and engagement in lessons. Offered after school and holiday interventions to year 11 to help prepare them for their science GCSEs in May. Currently, tutoring chemistry and biology online

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Enhanced CRB
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: town of croydon, streatham, Norbury, waddon
Online tutor: I tutor on tutorful platform
Subjects: Biology KS3, GCSE & A LEVEL
  Chemistry KS3, GCSE & A-LEVEL
  Physics KS3 & GCSE
  Science KS3, GCSE

Leanne S

Private Spanish Tutor in Croydon and South London

£40.00-50.00Academic tutor

¡Hola! I am a Spanish teaching professional, with 18 years of experience teaching Spanish, in London schools, as a foreign language. I am passionate about the language that I teach; my forte is accelerating knowledge, skills and understanding in learners at the GCSE level, so that they make outstanding progress, from wherever they are. I have a proven track record of facilitating successful results and love what I do. Whether you are, or your child is, struggling with Spanish or just need(s) to polish up to secure the best GCSE grade possible, I would love to hear from you and help you to make great progress, grow your confidence and meet, or exceed, your goals. As a non-native speaker, I fully understand the potential challenges of acquiring Spanish from scratch and can give you the tools, guidance and road map to make your language learning journey as smooth as possible. Absolute Beginners are absolutely welcome. Enhanced DBS certificate. Learn Spanish with Simmonds! Hasta pronto :).

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Enhanced DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Croydon, South London
Online tutor: I can tutor via Zoom.
Subjects: Spanish GCSE
  Spanish KS3

Michael P

Primary, KS3, GCSE, A Level Chemistry, Physics, Science, Maths tutor offering tuition in Beckenham, Croydon, London

£30.00-45.00Academic tutor

I have 8 years experience tutoring mathematics and science. I'm a qualified science teacher with a physics specialism which I teach to A-level. I studied Engineering and hold a Masters Degree (MEng). I've tutored students from all backgrounds; academies, grammar schools and top Public schools like Dulwich College and St Paul's. I charge £30 ph online and £45 ph in person. I offer a significant discount for 2+ hours. I'm happy to teach two students at a time for the same cost which makes the service much more affordable. This has been very successful with customers who have known families who are also looking for a tutor. I am happy to teach larger groups and can negotiate the rate.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS - Enhanced Certificate
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Beckenham, Eltham, Addiscombe, & Central Croydon
Online tutor: I can tutor via Zoom.
Subjects: Physics GCSE - A level
  Maths Secondary including GCSE
  Science Secondary including GCSE

Stephen L

KS3, GCSE, iGCSE, A level, BSc, PhD Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science tutor offering tuition in Balham, Croydon, London

£65.00-110.00Academic tutor

I am a full-time Science tutor and have a First class degree in Pharmacology from Kings College London and a PhD from the University of Oxford. My general curiosity in Biology and nature has always helped motivate me in my studies and I hope that through tutoring I can inspire and transfer my enthusiasm for science to my students. Due to the nature of my educational background, I have an excellent understanding of the Science subjects and I am adept in explaining complex concepts and ideas in a more understandable and manageable way.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: yes
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Beckenham, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Purley, South Norwood
Online tutor: Skype or Zoom
Subjects: Biology KS3, GCSE, iGCSE, A level, BSc, PhD
  Chemistry KS3, GCSE, iGCSE
  Physics KS3, GCSE, iGCSE
  Science KS3, GCSE, iGCSE

Alexandra K

GCSE and A-level English tutor in London, London

£50.00-55.00Academic tutor

I'm a highly experienced private tutor specialising in GCSE and A-level English. I have a degree in English from Oxford University, a PhD and am also a published author. A one-to-one tutor since 2010, I’ve taught a wide range of students, from those struggling at GCSE to those wanting to get the grade required by the university of their choice. I offer a free consultation with the prospective student (and parent if appropriate) ahead of arranging any tuition.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: I tutor via Zoom and Skype.
Subjects: English GCSE and A-level
  Essay writing University

Eva G

Private EFL/English Tutor

£14.00-22.00Academic tutor

I am an energetic, creative and versatile individual who likes challenges and always goes beyond what is expected of her. Whatever I choose to do in life, I do it with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. I am a firm believer in that no two days should be the same; one should step out of the comfort zone, make mistakes, and learn from them. I believe that mastering another language means to adapt a different view and approach to life and living. Teaching English to people from all walks of life has brought immense joy to me and I look forward to the opportunity to provide a positive learning experience.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS- on the update service
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: I tutor via Zoom or Skype
Subjects: English as a foreign language A2-C2
  English Level 2

Lana K

A-Level Psychology tutor in South Norwood, London

£30.00-60.00Academic tutor


CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor:
Online tutor: I can tutor via skype/facetime/whatsapp video call
Subjects: Psychology A-Level
  Psychology GCSE
  Psychology Undergraduate
  Psychology Masters
  11 Plus

Maddy S

KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE, A Level, University Maths, Spanish, Science, Biology, Chemistry Physics tutor offering tutoring in Norbury, Croydon, London

£25.00-50.00Academic tutor

Want homeostasis explained using an example of a nightclub? Use different and stimulating teaching methods that engage and can take students from an E to an A in 3 months! Each lesson is tailored to the individual and focuses on the success of the student. I have marked coursework and exam papers and can really help students in how to answer the question to gain maximum marks. My aim is to alleviate fear or dislike students have for Science or Maths subjects and make it fun and interesting according to the student's personality and learning style. Ask for further details.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes full CRB/DBS cleared and online to view.
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Norbury, Croydon
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Biology KS3, GCSE, A LEVEL & UNIVERSITY
  Chemistry KS3, GCSE
  Physics KS3, GCSE
  Maths KS3 & GCSE
  English KS3 & GCSE
  Science All Secondary ages.

Scott H

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Mandarin, TEFL English tutor in Selhurst, Croydon, London

£25.00-35.00Academic tutor

I am a qualified English as a Second Language teacher, with a CELTA qualification and 3 years of experience teaching in China. I focus on teaching oral English, including daily conversations, travelling English, slang and colloquial phrases. I can also teach IELTS, with a focus on the speaking part of the exam. I have a Bachelor's degree in Mandarin Chinese, and am therefore able to teach Chinese to beginners or intermediate learners. I lived in China and Taiwan for over 4 years and understand the types of problems encountered when starting this tricky language. Alongside academic subjects, I am also an experienced admissions tutor and I can help with your CV, cover letter, personal statement and application forms for university and jobs. I can also proofread different types of academic document should you require this service as well. I am a grade-8 qualified singer, so if you would like to learn some basic singing skills I can also help!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: No
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: London-Croydon
Online tutor: I tutor via Skype and in person
Subjects: Mandarin All
  English TEFL

Shujaat H

KS3, GCSE, 11 Plus, A level, University Maths, Economics, Physics, Business Management, English tutor offering tutoring in Norbury, Croydon, London

£25.00-40.00Academic tutor

I am a double Honours graduate (1982) in Economics and Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass, USA, where I went on full scholarship. I've been teaching Maths and Economics for the last 25 years and am an examiner for two UK boards in these subjects for the last 15 years. I have extensive tutoring and examining experience and have used these well to pupils advantage, frequently aiding them in achieving higher grades in both subjects. I structure my lessons to pupils needs and consolidate lessons with homework and extensive exam practice.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes - DBS
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Norbury, Croydon, Thornton Heath, Wallington, Streatham, Sydenham
Online tutor: I tutor via skype
Subjects: Maths 11+ to University
  Economics A/AS Level, University
  Business Management A/AS Level, University
  Physics KS3 to A Level
  English GCSE, A Level
  Chemistry GCSE

Simon H

Highly-experienced English Teacher with a Masters Degree

£25.00-30.00Academic tutor

I am a very experienced teacher with a Masters degree in English Literature and an undergraduate degree in English. I have a PGCE teaching qualification, specialising in English Secondary teaching. Prior to spending the last two years working in Secondary schools in London, I taught English as a Foreign Language for 6 years – spending just over 5 years in Indonesia and then a further 6 months in Italy. I have also tutored extensively, working with students from all over the world to achieve some truly exceptional results. I can travel to your home, host you at my home or do online classes. I really look forward to hearing from you!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: South Croydon / Croydon / Purley / Wallington / Bromley
Online tutor: skype / zoom
Subjects: English Secondary
  English as a foreign language Any
  11 Plus
  English University

Teresa H

11 Plus tutor in South Croydon, London

£40.00-50.00Academic tutor

Qualified with Teacher status from Greenwich Uni in 1996. Taught in primary schools, special needs schools and education welfare until 2011 when I decided to do tutoring. I have tutored ks1, ks2 and ks3 students successfully in English, Maths and Art; also 11+ for Grammar and Independent secondary schools. I now tutor both in person and online through zoom.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes. CRB
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: Zoom
Subjects: 11 Plus
  English KS1 KS2 KS3
  Maths KS1 KS2 KS3
  Art & Design KS2 KS3

Akaash P

GCSE, A Level Maths tutor in Beddington, Croydon, London

£20.00Academic tutor

Innovative GCSE & A Level Maths Tuition, incl. Personalised Progress Reports, Free Exclusive Access to Our Online Resource Area & Weekly Homework Packs. All Lessons are Recorded for Students to revisit & Homeworks are Logged with Corresponding Worked Solutions. All classes take place at the prestigious Wallington County Grammar School

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes, Enhanced DBS Check
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Maths GCSE
  Maths AS Level
  Maths A Level

Nadeen C

Key stages, GCSE, A level Maths tutor offering lessons in West Norwood, Lambeth, London

£20.00-35.00Academic tutor

My very strong motivational skills help my students feels confident and relax ready to learn. Motivating students by helping them to see the value of Mathematics/Reading whatever the subject in everyday life has empowered students to change their attitude towards the subject and even go on to study at higher levels. I believe that confidence in ones self and a high self esteem is crucial to one’s success, but this foundation can be laid at any stage of learning.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: I am a home tutor in West Norwood, Crystal Palace, Penge, Tulse Hill, Streatham,Thorton Heath, Croydon, Dulwich, all areas within 3 miles o my address
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Maths Primary, Keystage 3, GCSE
  Primary Education KS1, KS2
  11 Plus Primary
  Reading Primay, KS2, KS3

Anas Ahmad N

Primary, GCSE, A level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Clinical Science tutor offering lessons in West Croydon

£13.50-24.50Academic tutor

I аm studying for an MSc in Biоmedicаl аnd Mоleculаr Sciences (KCL) and hаve solid knowledge of human heаlth аnd diseаse. I enjоy teаching аnd find it rewаrding. With the right tutоring I believe, there is nо reаsоn why аnyоne shоuldn’t be аble tо аchieve the best. Being а student I understаnd their needs аnd impоrtаnce оf bаlаncing wоrk аnd plаy. Sometimes students need а little structure and or оrgаnisаtiоn, оr guidepоsts аs tо hоw to do things. Eаch student has their unique wаy оf study. It is impоrtаnt nоt just tо teаch new skills, but tо hоne previоus skills.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: No
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: I am a home tutor in Norwood, Thornton Heath, Norbury, Shirley, Purley. And Central London
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Biology Primary, Secondary, GCSE, A-Level
  Chemistry Secondary, GCSE
  Physics Secondary, GCSE
  Maths Secondary, GCSE, A-Level
  Clinical Science (Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Sciences) A-Level, Degree

arzu c

Primary English, Primary Maths tutor in london, London

£35.00-45.00Academic tutor

I am an experienced full time primary teacher with 15+years. I can help with year 2 and 6 SATs, support with homework or provide catch up or a challenge.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: No
Subjects: English Primary
  Maths Primary

Hadia A

GCSE TO A-LEVEL Biology tutor in Croydon, London

£10.00-25.00Academic tutor

I am young experienced biomed tutor who is here to help young people. I have good grade history and understanding of key factors required to get desirable grades. My techniques are effective and easy for students.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: YES
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Streatham, Brixton, East Croydon
Subjects: Biology GCSE TO A-LEVEL
  Chemistry GCSE TO A-LEVEL
  Physics GCSE

Mini P

11 Plus, SAT, KS3 Maths, English, Science tutor in Broad Green, Croydon, London

£25.00-40.00Academic tutor

I am an overseas experienced secondary school Maths teacher (up to year 10 board exam). Again I have the experience of teaching physics in secondary section and science in the primary section. I am presently settled in Croydon from 2 years and worked as the trainee teacher for functional Skills Maths. I am working in a supplementary school where I am supporting students in literacy and numeracy skills. I am tutoring students who need support in their GCSE and other year groups. Again I supported students for their SAT exam.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: For tution centres I can travel areas upto 10 miles from Croydon.Personal tutoring I prefer home based tution in my residence..
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Maths Upto ks3
  Maths GCSE
  English Year 6
  Science Year 6
  11 Plus SAT exam

Nuhaa P

KS3 Maths tutor in Croydon, London

£20.00-25.00Academic tutor

I am currently a 3rd year medical student. I have graduated with an intercalated Bsc degree in Biomedical Science. I have a passion for tutoring and have been tutoring for almost 5 years.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: No
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: I tutor via Skype
Subjects: Maths KS3
  Maths GCSE
  Chemistry KS3
  Chemistry GCSE
  Biology KS3
  Biology GCSE

Tina A

GCSE, Alevel and University Level Sociology, Politics, History, English, Citizenship, Philosophy, Dissertation tutor offering tutoring in Croydon, London

£25.00-30.00Academic tutor

I offer specialist tutoring and dissertation proofreading and guidance in the area of humanities and social science subjects such as sociology and politics up to university level. I have several years of tutoring and proof reading experience with an excellent background in Social science and humanities subjects helping students succeed and excel in their studies. I have been working with young people for over four years now with additional experience as a lecturer. My experience has also included working at the Department of Educations and other government bodies and educational charities..

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: I have a dbs certificate for children and adults
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: In and around Croydon
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Sociology GCSE, Alevel and University Level
  Politics GCSE, Alevel and University Level
  History GCSE, Alevel and University Level
  English GCSE, Alevel and University Level
  Citizenship GCSE
  Philosophy GCSE, Alevel and University Level
  Dissertations University

Private Tutors Near Croydon

Nick G

Intermediate, Advanced Accounting and Finance, Classical Greek, Computing, Economics tutor offering private tuition in Clapham Junction, Lambeth, London

£20.00-50.00Academic tutor

I have a Master’s degree in Investment Management (Grade: Distinction) from the University of Reading as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Grade 76.2%). I am highly motivated and organised individual who is passionate about finance. I am able to conduct tuition on various finance related subjects. Materials: We can use either your own materials or mine depending on the subject taught. I am able to tutor at the tutee`s home or alternatively. Specialties: Equity Research, Investment Management, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Economics, Equity Evaluation, Fixed Income, Business, General Finance.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: No
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Any within 10 miles
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Accounting & Finance Advanced
  Classical Greek Intermediate
  Computing Advanced
  Economics Intermediate

Max S

A level, Undergraduate Drama, English, History, Art and Design tutor in Brixton, Lambeth, London

£20.00-40.00Academic tutor

Hi, I am a professional Actor, Writer and Director, working primarily on the stage. Shakespeare is my great passion. Having worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Young Shakespeare Company I can bring the Bard's work to life for any student. Transforming it from a dull classroom exercise into something exciting and magical. Any students of English or Drama who need help with this subject need look no further. I look forward to hearing from you! Max Saunders-Singer

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: All Of London
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Drama Degree
  English A Level
  History A Level
  Art & Design A Level

Mairead M

Key Stage 3, GCSE, A level Economics, Business, Maths tutor offering lessons in Streatham, Lambeth, London

£25.00-35.00Academic tutor

I am a secondary school teacher with 5 years teaching experience. I currently teach GCSE and A level Business and Economics and KS3 Maths in an outstanding school. I have an exceptional track record for pupil achievement with evidence to support this. I would prefer tuition to take place at my house, but, will consider travelling. Please call me or send me a message with any further questions. Holder of CRB check

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: I am a personal tutor in Streatham,Brixton, Clapham, Balham, Croydon
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Economics AS Level
  Business Management GCSE, A Level
  Maths KS3 and GCSE

Olasunkanmi Raphael O

KS3, GCSE, A Level, Adult Learner Maths, Science, Physics tutor offering lessons in Brixton, Lambeth, London

£20.00-30.00Academic tutor

I аm аn enthusiаstic аnd level heаded grаduаte with extensive experience teаching bоth yоung peоple аnd аdults а vаriety оf subjects аnd skills. I grаduаted with а 1st Clаss Mаsters degree in Physics, Astrоphysics аnd Cоsmоlоgy frоm Lаncаster University (Nо.1 in the UK fоr Physics reseаrch) аnd with оutstаnding skills in bоth Mаths аnd Physics, I hаve knоwn since dоing my оwn A Levels thаt I cаn teаch Mаths tо аnybоdy, up tо A Level stаndаrd. And Mаths is simply the lаnguаge оf Physics. A firm fоundаtiоn in Mаths mаkes the wоrld оf Physics оpen up like never before.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: I am a travelling tutor in Stockwell, Clapham, Camberwell, Kennington, Peckham, Stretham, Vauxhall, Westminster, London Bridge, Bermondsey, Camden, Kilburn, Victoria
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Maths KS2, KS3, GCSE, A Level, Adult Learner
  Science KS3, GCSE, A Level, Adult Learner
  Physics KS3, GCSE, A Level, Adult Learner

Charlotte H

11 Plus, GCSE, A level French, German, English, History, Law, Business Management tutor offering lessons in West Dulwich, Lambeth, London

£25.00-30.00Academic tutor

Reliable and enthusiastic private tutor. Four years experience tutoring both face-to-face and online. Recently graduated from UCL with a BA (Hons) in French and German. Now studying for the Graduate Diploma in Law and hold a training contract with a Magic Circle law firm. Excellent academic record - 10A*s at GCSE, 4 As at A-level from non-selective comprehensive school in the North West. High 2:1 in undergraduate degree. I'm passionate about all the subjects I teach and am willing to travel to most parts of London. References on demand.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Pending
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Willing to travel to most parts of Central and South East London
Online tutor: No
Subjects: French 11+, GCSE, A-Level, conversational classes
  German 11+, GCSE & A-level
  English 11+, GCSE
  English as a foreign language 11+ & adult.
  History 11+, GCSE & A-level
  Business Management 11+, GCSE
  Law 11+, GCSE

Samantha P

GCSE, A level Maths, English, Psychology, Law tutor offering lessons in Lambeth, London

£35.00Academic tutor

As a recent Law graduate from King's College London I have a wide range of tutoring experience, from 1-on-1 tutoring for London Graduate Tutors and Aimhigher to teaching in London secondary schools through Debate Mate and Streetlaw. I speciаlise in Lаw, Mаthemаtics and English (including EFL) but also offer GCSE and A Level Psychology. The first lesson is free and I offer 90 minute sessions for the price of 1 hour. This allows for at least a full 60 minutes of tutoring as well as time for setting targets, discussing lesson objectives and setting and reviewing homework. CRB checked.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes - CRB
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: Zones 1 and 2
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Maths Up to A Level
  English Up to A Level
  English as a foreign language All levels
  Psychology Up to A Level
  Law Up to Undergraduate

Rebecca G

GCSE, A Level English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Law tutor offering tuition in Clapham, Lambeth, London

£6.31-15.00Academic tutor

I've just moved to London to complete my LPC after graduating from Bristol University in June with a high 2.i in LLB Law. Having always had a high academic track record (a mixture of A's and A*s at GCSE and A level), I am looking to help students from whatever age with their workload. I have had tutors in the past so I know how helpful they can be. I'm really friendly, easy going and relaxed and am able to work through problems with students at whatever rate they prefer. Don't hesitate to get in touch :)!

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: I have been CRB checked
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Clapham, Balham, Wimbledon
Online tutor: No
Subjects: English up to A level
  Maths up to GCSE level
  Science up to GCSE level
  Geography up to A level
  History up to A level
  Law up to degree level

Charlotte R

Primary, KS3, GCSE, AS Level, A Level, Undergraduate Spanish tutor offering Spanish lessons in Stockwell, Lambeth, London

£20.00-35.00Academic tutor

Hi! I'm a 26 year old graduate in Modern Languages with a distinction in spoken Spanish. I am a Londoner but have (accidentally!) fooled many Spaniards who have asked whereabouts in Spain I am from. It is the one subject I choose not to be too modest about! I am incredibly passionate about the Spanish language and culture and want to help people achieve their goals whether they are to pass specific exams or to become fluent. Please get in touch for more details. I am flexible and happy to travel to your home at time to suit you. Charlotte

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: In Process
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Vauxhall, Clapham, Battersea, Putney, Barnes, Hammersmith, Mayfair, Westminster, Pimlico, Ealing, Acton, Newham, Southwark
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Spanish Primary, KS3, GCSE, AS Level, A Level, Degree

Aamir K

7(+) Plus, 11(+) Plus Maths tutor offering Maths tutoring in Norbury, Coydon, London

£20.00-25.00Academic tutor

I am a management accountant who has a passion for education and learning. I have successfully tutored my children at the 7+ and 11+ with my son gaining entry at a prestigious selective independent school in Wimbledon and my daughter gaining entry at one of the selective grammar schools in the Borough of Sutton. I believe I have the skill set, knowledge and the passion to ensure your child has the best possible chance of gaining a place at a selective school and unlocking your child's full potential.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: DBS
Home-based tutor: Yes
Travelling tutor: No
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Maths 7+
  Maths 11+

China J

GCSE, A level, Undergraduate Craft and Design, Art and Design tutor offering Art tuition in Tooting, Lambeth, London

£12.50-20.00Academic tutor

My name is China Jordan. I am a graduate from Wimbledon College of Art with a BA Hons in Fine Art:Painting. I have taught children under 8 basic craft skills as well as adult classes on a classical workshop. I have trained with the Academy of Realist Art and often receive commissions for portraits as girts for loved ones. I am confident with different mediums. I can help children with GCSE's homework or with basic drawing training. I also believe that anyone can learn how to draw and so I encourage adults to take part in training too.

CRB/Disclosure Certificate: Yes
Home-based tutor: No
Travelling tutor: Anywhere within 5 miles of South West
Online tutor: No
Subjects: Art & Design GCSE, A level, Undergraduate
  Craft & Design GCSE, A level, Undergraduate
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