Marketing Ideas For Private Tutors: Business Cards

Marketing Ideas For Private Tutors: Business Cards

Business cards can be a simple and effective way to market your tuition business

A very useful but much overlooked tool for marketing is the good old business card.  They fit easily into your wallet or purse, they provide all your contact details and they can be created at home or ordered online for less than you think.  Here are our top tips for making the most of your business cards.


Never Leave Home Without Them


Add your business cards to your checklist before you leave home – wallet, check, mobile phone, check, house keys, check, business cards, check.  The truth is, on an average day, a single person speaks to around 20 people.  Now imagine if you gave each of those people two of your business cards – one for them and one for a friend, even if those people aren’t your target audience, the chances are, they will know someone who is. Think of any possible meeting as an opportunity to hand out a business card.


Leave Them in Public Places


Ask yourself this: ‘Where are my customers likely to hang out?’  Once you’ve identified the places that your target audience are likely to be, you can start to think about where you might want to display your cards.  Try local notice boards, shop windows and local cafes.  You can even ask local shops if you can leave a pile on their counter for customers to pick up.  Better still, place a sign next to your cards with the word ‘free’ written on it – you’d be amazed at how many more people will take one just because they feel like they’re getting a freebie.


Don’t Hold Back


For those of us who aren’t as forthcoming when it comes to self-promotion, remember the phrase ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.  Give your business cards out to everyone, including your friends and family, and give them out two at a time – remember, one for you, one for your friend.  Be sure to ask for a referral once you’ve given your card out.  Tell someone: ‘if you know anyone who’s looking for a tutor tell them to give me a call’.  You’ll usually find that their response is something like ‘well I don’t need a tutor myself, but I know someone who might be looking for one.’


Follow Up On Your Marketing


How many people did you give your business cards to last week?  How many of those people will you see again soon or have contact details for? A simple text or email can be a great way of reminding people of your services, try asking if they managed to give your other card to anyone.  The chances are that that they haven’t really given it a second thought since you met them initially, but now you’ve firmly planted the seed, your business card will be further toward the forefront of their mind.


Get Yourself Branded


We’re not talking hot irons here, we’re talking logos and slogans.  Logos can provide instantly recognisable branding for your business.  We’ve all heard the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, well let’s try it.  What are the first things that come into your head when you hear the words ‘Twitter’, ‘Nike’ or ‘Mercedes’, the chances are it’s not social networking, sportswear and cars, but rather the images and symbols that are used to represent them.  Logos can give you the edge when it comes to marketing as they differentiate you from the competition.  A memorable slogan can also be a great way of having people remember your business. Place your slogan underneath the business name on your card and people will remember it even after your card is tucked away in their wallet.


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