Review: TES Launch their brand new iboard

Review: TES Launch their brand new iboard

UK Private tutor blog August 2012

Where can you catch fish, feed bears, design fireworks and improve your literacy and numeracy skills all at the same time?  Answer: on the new TES iboard. The Times Educational Supplement has recently redesigned its interactive iboard resource which provides access to hundreds of diverse teaching activities and interactive games.


A great resource for teachers, private tutors and parents alike, the iboard caters for children between the ages of 4 – 11 and focuses specifically on Literacy, Numeracy, Geography, History, ICT, R.E and Science.  The user-friendly layout ensures that either teachers or children can easily navigate through the website, searching either by activity or by work unit.  Teachers have the added bonus of being able to access lots of creative ‘teaching tools’ such as the interactive Piggy Bank which helps perform additions and multiplications and the Interactive Dice which helps with arithmetic by generating numbers.


Even with full explanations of how each activity works, the interactive games on the site are intuitive enough even for the earliest of school learners to use easily.  The Tutor Website found the following activities particularly entertaining:


Bear's Kitchen


A science game for 4 – 7 year olds focusing on the nutritional values of different foods and the groups by which they are identified.


Catch the Space Ships


A series of literacy games for 7 – 11 year olds which focuses on phonics practice.  This game helps children identify alternative pronunciations.


Beat the Mummy


A series of ‘beat the clock’ numeracy games for 9 – 11 year olds which focuses on addition, subtraction, division and decimals.


Perhaps the most significant difference between the TES iboard and other educational games websites is in the design quality of the user interface and the sharpness of the website’s graphics.  Each interactive resource is entertaining and educationally stimulating at the same time and genuinely holds your attention even as an adult.


Users also have the option of upgrading to the TES iboard+ for a free 60 day trial of full lesson plans, printable materials and access to premium resources, not to mention the possibility of winning a Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone!


To start exploring this great resource, visit Interactive Resources by TES iboard



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