Top 10 UK Maths Resource Websites

Top 10 UK Maths Resource Websites

Maths resource websites

With mathematics being one of the core subjects at all levels in education, it’s no wonder that ‘private maths tutors UK’ is one of the most widely searched terms on google within the private tuition industry.  With private maths tuition being as competitive as it is, it’s important for in-person maths tutors and online maths tutors to have relevant and up to date resources.  Here are The Tutor Website’s top ten UK maths blogs:


1. Maths Blog


Mathsblog is written by a teacher called Peter who has over 30 years experience teaching in schools.  He has also been a software developer for the last 10.  This maths educational website is aimed at parents who are trying to support their children’s maths education at home.  The site provides free maths resources for primary children aged 5 to 11 and offers independent information about maths resources, including books, software and other internet sites.  His blog also provides up to date primary maths news in the UK.


2. AQA GCSE Maths


This blog is written for teachers of AQA GCSE Maths in the UK by the Maths publishing team at Longman (part of Pearson Education).   The blog was started in October 2009, and they post about 2 or 3 times per week.   The blog is updated with relevant UK maths news and on developments with their own resources.  Their free UK maths resources are often themed around a topical event and they also run competitions and free deals.


3. My Maths Blog


My Maths Blog follows the trials of a father, studying for his GCSE maths as a private candidate.  The blogger shares her experience in order to help anyone studying for their GCSE Maths exam.  Spurred on by the fact that 43% of 11 – 16 year olds have had private tuition in London.  This blog provides a resource for both parents and students.


4. The Maths Zone

The Maths Zone is run by Chris Olley, a maths teacher trainer at King's College, London.  Mr Olley works on a range of maths education projects and runs a shop which sells only maths games and puzzles.   His blog is very informative and topical and provides links to a vast array of maths and maths education websites.


5. Off by Heart


Off by Heart has a huge range of free maths worksheets and games, carefully tailored for each year in primary school.  This website has the learning objectives, free SATs past papers and low down for – years 1 – 6 in England.


6. Maths Musings


A UK maths blog written by a very enthusiastic secondary teacher called Mrs Marshall, based in Manchester.  This blog is constantly changing and varied, with many fascinating links to interesting maths-based material.  This blog also has excellent resources for students. Well worth a visit, particularly for private maths tutors in Manchester.


7. White Group Maths


 A blogsite with links to resources on topics for Scottish Highers.  Written by Mr koh, this website would be useful for private tutors in Scotland.  Some of his "Random thoughts" and "Understanding matters" are very insightful.


8. Flying Colours Maths


Flying Colours Maths Blog is written by a group of private maths tutors in London, Dorset and Fife.  With very informative lessons posted online via their blog, this website is worth a visit.  In particular, their free resources and online book store is a great place to gather information.  This website may be of particular interest to other private maths tutors in the UK.


9. Chris Maths


A very informative UK maths blog which is updated regularly.  Chris’ blog is topical, and informative.  Based in Wiltshire, England.


10. Educational Aspirations


Educational Aspirations is run by Matt, an elementary educator who has been teaching in a variety of schools over the past eight years.  His blog entries are insightful and thought-provoking and a joy to read.

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