Top 10 UK Educational Blogs

Top 10 UK Educational Blogs

by Jamie Thomson, site owner

Private tutors come from a variety of different backgrounds.  Many are qualified teachers who tutor in their spare time, some are supply or retired teachers and some are university graduates with an extensive knowledge of their subject.  Whatever a tutor’s background, it’s important to keep up with the latest educational news and developments.  For tutors who do not teach in the classroom, it can often be challenging to find appropriate information and resources on your given subject.  The Tutor Website has compiled a top ten list of educational blogs that can help inform and inspire you in your tuition:


1. Muddle Puddle

This family-based blog is packed with information on home-based education.  Providing advice on everything from crafting ideas to advice about the legalities and practicalities of home-based education, this blog deservedly has the number one spot in our top ten.  The blog has also been nominated for two MAD Blog Awards - the Best Family Life Blog and Most Inspiring Blog Award.  This blog is well worth a look.


2. Don’t Waste Your Time

Don’t Waste your time is an e-learning blog written by David Hopkins.  The aim of David’s blog is to engage with educators, facilitators, technicians and designers who are interested in e-learning and technology in education.  The blog has also been nominated for several edublog awards in different categories, over the past few years.


3. Fizzics

Fizzics with Mr Mackenzie is an educational blog all about physics.  The creatively-named site deals with course-work relating specifically to the Scottish exam system, covering everything from Standard Grade to Higher level.  Mr Mackenzie is also a practicing physics teacher in a Scottish high school.


4. Mike Tidd

Mike Tidd is Head of Geography in a high school in Dorset.  Mike’s blog focuses primarily on education within the UK and writes about new education developments with geography as a leading subject.  The blog also covers the role of new technologies in education.


5. Ewan McIntosh

Ewan McIntosh’s Edu.blogs website principally focuses on education and digital technology.  Ewan is a high school teacher and educational technologist who frequently gives talks and workshops around the world, trying to find new and better ways of using emerging technologies in education.  Ewan has also consulted for Governments around the world, and organisations including the BBC, the British Council, the General Teaching Council of Scotland, RM plc and Scottish Enterprise.


6. Whiteboard Blog

Written by Danny Nicholson, a science teacher, PGCE lecturer, author and interactive whiteboard trainer, the Whiteboard blog is an educational resource, which focuses on supporting technology in the classroom.  Danny’s tips and tricks may also prove useful for tutors who enjoy a modern approach to learning.


7. Ollie Bray

Ollie Bray is a qualified headteacher and works for Education Scotland as National Advisor for emerging technologies in education.  His blog articles are very informative and cover everything from projects involving computer games to internet safety advice.


8. Patricia Donaghy

Patricia Donaghy’s blog focuses on ICT in education and has many useful resources that can be used by classroom teacher and tutors alike.  Patricia aims to publish new content twice weekly during term time and users can subscribe to her RSS feeds via her website.


9. Box of Tricks

Written by José Picardo, Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Nottingham High School a Box of Tricks is a blog which merges education and technology.  José’s blog won an Education Blog Award in 2011 for Most Influential Blog.  His resources and links pages are also well worth looking at.


10. New Teacher's Blog

New Teacher’s Blog is run by Alan Newland and features articles on many issues affecting new teachers in the UK.  The blog covers everything from using social media to expectations of professionalism.  This blog may also prove useful for private tutors who are starting out.

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