Effective Tutoring Methods

Effective Tutoring Methods

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Before deciding upon which tutoring strategy will work best with your student, it’s worth noting that the chances of your student achieving their goals are higher if you manage to engage with them successfully.  By having a good connection with a student, you have their trust and ensure that they feel comfortable asking any questions during your lessons.


Share Information About Yourself

Tell your student a little bit about yourself to make them feel more at ease.  Let them know about your family or your hobbies - anything that breaks down the tutor/student barrier a little.  Remember to remain professional though, you don’t want to share too much information that may have you come across as unsuitable or untrustworthy. Sharing this information with students lets them see you as a person, and gives them common ground to connect.  It’s easy to drop in little pieces of information during your lessons to strengthen your connection - give information that they will find interesting.


Be Present In The Moment

Make sure you are fully engaged with your student by reassuring them that you are listening.  Give them feedback on their comments and acknowledge them as valid.  Be sure to listen carefully and answer the questions they have specifically asked – not the question you would like to answer yourself.


Students As Teachers

This strategy can prove particularly effective for students who may be hesitant in their explanations.  As the saying goes, ‘if you want to learn something, go teach it’.  Ask your student to explain the meaning of a particular question or to talk you through their answer.  By having your student adopt this teacher role, they may find themselves becoming more confident in their abilities.


One Step At a Time

As a teacher, it can be tempting to cover as much coursework as possible during lessons.  Be careful not to overload your student with too much information.  Stick to one particular aspect of your subject throughout the whole lesson and make sure that your student has a firm grasp of the concepts before moving on to something different.  By breaking lessons down into small, manageable chunks, your student will find it easier to digest the information you are teaching.


Make It Fun

If a student enjoys what they are learning, they are likely to engage with the content better.  Try to make lessons enjoyable by making them as interactive as possible.

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