121 Tuition Not Just for the Affluent

121 Tuition Not Just for the Affluent

by Dr Michele Challenger, Principal of JH Tutorials, Aylesbury

Reproduced with kind permission from the author.

The eminently respectable Sutton Trust has published a report on the sharp increase of 121 tuition in England and Wales since 2005. The reason for the increase is thought to be the ‘scramble for places at good schools’ and the competition for scarce university places.


The Sutton Trust


The report says that in some secondary schools 65% of pupils will benefit from a private teacher. The national headlines reported that tuition gives the Children from Well Off Families an Advantage.  But when the families who are getting tutors for their children were identified it found that Asian and Black families are most likely to hire private tutors, 75% of families are not from affluent backgrounds and of these 18% are from disadvantaged backgrounds figures – all of which paints a rather different picture.


A Better Education


Our experience is that it is not the case that 121 tuition is only for the children of affluent families. The common denominator amongst parents who hire tutors is that they believe that success in school gives their child an advantage either for a university place or on their employment CV. Many parents make sacrifices to give their children this opportunity and it is this quiet sacrifice that gives their children the chance for a better life.


For more information on the diversity of those using a private tutor, please read Black and Asian Families Fuel Private Tutoring Boom on TES Connect.


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