Tutoring: Tips for finding students at the beginning of the school term

Tutoring: Tips for finding students at the beginning of the school term

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In general, tutoring tends to be seasonal, with busy periods and not-quite-so-busy periods.  Students and parents generally start contacting tutors at the beginning of the school year in September then again in January, after prelim exams.  It can however, take some time at the beginning of the school year for interest to pick up.  Here are some tips to maximize your chances of being contacted by students:



Do some research of your local area.   If you can identify the areas that young families live in, by distributing leaflets to those areas, you'll automatically increase your chances of reaching someone who might consider using a tutor.  Try posting leaflets in areas which are near to high schools as there's more likelihood of families living nearby.


Create Your Own Website

As more and more people become internet savvy, searching through book directories is soon to be a thing of the past, so where better to start attracting customers than by creating your own website and advertising online?


There are a number of free website templates on the internet that can get you started quickly and easily.  Many of these sites also offer web hosting to display your site.


Register With An Agency

If you find yourself struggling to find students at the start of the year, you could also try registering with a tuition agency.  One advantage of registering with an agency is that they will do most of your promotion and marketing for you. It's worth bearing in mind though, that agencies will take a cut of your profits as a result. They may however, also apply for a CRB Certificate on your behalf, if you don't have one, which could prove useful for any future tutoring work.


Word of Mouth

Often, the best ways of ensuring people contact you, is to build up a good reputation in your local area by word of mouth.  Sometimes, a good word from a previous parent or student can do wonders for your services.


Sometimes, finding the most effective advertising methods involve some trial and error.  It may be worthwhile setting up a business email address and telephone number, solely for the use of tutoring enquiries.  This will make it easier to keep track of how successful your advertising has been.

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