How Private Tutors Can Use Twitter to Find More Students

How Private Tutors Can Use Twitter to Find More Students

A five step strategy to using Twitter as part of your tutor marketing strategy.

Post updated 05/06/2015 to reflect the most recent social media trends.


When it comes to using social media, Twitter is my favourite platform. Unlike other social media sites, Twitter is quite business-focused without taking itself too seriously. As a freelance private tutor, Twitter can be used as a way of finding more students who may be interested in using your services. However, unlike other marketing strategies, social media isn't purely about promoting your business, but rather it's about engagement.


This my 5 step strategy to finding more work as a private tutor through Twitter.


1. Find your Twitter Audience


As a private tutor, your target audience on social media should be students, right?


Well, maybe.


When we consider that the most popular social networking site among 14 - 25 year olds is Facebook, it becomes more apparent that students might not be your target audience on Twitter. In reality, most enquiries for private tuition come from parents, and Twitter tends to be a more popular social networking site among the 30+ age group, so it makes sense that the main audience you should be trying to engage with on Twitter is parents.


Also, don’t discount private tutoring agencies as a target audience. Agencies normally have a ready-made audience waiting for freelance tutors and although they may take a small commission on each lesson, you'll be saving time and money on doing much of your own marketing elsewhere. In a nutshell, your target audience on Twitter should be:


1. Parents

2. Tutoring agencies

3. Students


And pretty much in that order.


2. Start or Join a Conversation


As you gather more followers, you’ll find yourself with an increasing number of opportunities to talk to people. Having direct conversations with people on Twitter creates a lasting impression of your business and makes your followers far more likely to share your posts in the future.


Think of Twitter as an extension of your customer service and show people that you’re interested in their thoughts and opinions. One of the best ways to find conversations to join on Twitter is by searching using hashtags. At the moment, some of the most popular hashtags in the tutoring industry are:




Twitter for tutors




Twitter for tutors




Twitter for tutors


And most recently…


#tutorcon (set up specifically for updates on the UK’s National Tutoring Conference)


Twitter for tutors



3. Build Trust




Once you have an engaged audience, the next step is to show them that you’re trustworthy. This can be done in several different ways, including:




1. Posting valuable content that you’ve created on your website or blog


2. Sharing useful content created by others


3. Showcasing your most recent student and parent testimonials


4. Sharing your thoughts and opinions on education




4. Solve a Problem



This reasoning might sound obvious but students use private tutors because they need help with their studies. So, why not offer to answer student questions via your Twitter account? Although you won’t be able to explain complex processes, a few words of wisdom may be enough to help students work towards solving problems. This in turn, will help make your audience aware of your services and could lead to student or parent enquiries.



5. Increase Awareness of your Services


Once you have an engaged audience who trust you as being a credible tutor, you can start to increase awareness of your tutoring services by telling people about your availability, what subjects you offer, your success rate and anything else that helps sell your services a bit more.


However, be aware that your Twitter audience won’t want to read about your latest offers and promotions all the time. There’s a balance to be struck between engagement and promotion.


Have you ever used Twitter as a private tutor to find work? What advice do you have for tutors who are new to social media?


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