New EBook: The Marketing Guide for Private Tutors

New EBook: The Marketing Guide for Private Tutors

Whether you’re looking to create an extra income to supplement another job, or you want to work as a tutor full time, you’ll find this book incredibly useful in getting you started and helping you sustain a successful private tutoring business.

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new eBook: 'The Marketing Guide for Private Tutors'. This publication has been several years in the making and at 18,000 words, it contains everything you need to know to successfully market your tutoring business.

In the guide you'll learn:

  • The value of having a documented plan to chart your marketing progress
  • How to calculate your hourly rate to ensure a sustainable income
  • The benefit of connecting with other tutors and implementing a referral strategy
  • How to target your online marketing for the best results
  • How tutoring agencies can provide you with a steady stream of students
  • Why online tutoring is a cost-effective way of earning
  • How having your own website will significantly increase your tutoring leads
  • How to appear high in search engine rankings with our SEO strategy for tutors
  • How to approach social media as a tutor
  • How video marketing can help improve your conversions

The guide also contains a marketing plan template, a marketing checklist, a list of the best tutoring platforms and tutoring flyer templates.

The eBook is priced at £21.99, less than the average tutor charges per hour. We also have a limited offer to buy The Marketing Guide for Private Tutors + How to Start Your Own Tutoring Business for a discounted price of £34.99.

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