How Many Private Tutors Are There in the UK?

How Many Private Tutors Are There in the UK?

It's a question we're often asked by the media and other organisations: 'how many tutors are there in the UK?' In this post, we provide sources to the most recent estimated figures as reported in whitepapers and the media.

Given that the UK tutoring industry is largely unregulated, there's no comprehensive research as to how many tutors there are in the UK. However, over the years, estimates have been made, principally, by two sources.

In 2016, The Sutton Trust and Ipsos Mori summarised in their report, 'Shadow Schooling: Private Tuition and Social Mobility in the UK' that:

'Some have suggested that there are 1.5 million tutors in the UK and that the market is worth £6 billion. These are likely to be overestimates'.

This '1.5 million' estimate has appeared in previous reports from The Sutton Trust as far back as 2011, although the original document can't be placed.

In a Telegraph interview in 2013 with Tom Maher, former President of The Tutor's Association and owner of British Home Tutors, the Telegraph writes:

'He (Tom) estimates that there are at least 1 million people who earn money from teaching pupils outside school – but admits the lack of monitoring means the figures are hard to pin down. ''Ipsos Mori calculated it was 1.5 million, so mine is a conservative estimate,'' he says. In contrast, there are 442,000 full-time teachers, 370,000 nurses and 118,000 solicitors in England and Wales.'

The BBC has also reported that The Tutor's Association estimates there are around 10,000 full-time tutors in the UK. They said:

'It is thought there are up to 100,000 full-time tutors in the UK, according to the Tutors' Association.'

As private tutors aren't required by law to be registered with any regulatory body, or with The Tutor's Association, these estimates are the best figures we have to go by in regards to how many tutors there are in the UK.

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