Top 10 French Blogs For French Learners

Top 10 French Blogs For French Learners

If you're a student studying for your GCSE or A-Level French, you should check out our list of the top ten French blogs for French learners. Our list also includes podcasts and YouTube channels for extra motivation. Likewise, this list will also be useful for anyone looking to learn French for professional, or casual purposes.

If textbooks are causing tedium, and you want to add something a little different to your French learning, then look no further than French blogs.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 French blogs that will help you master the French language, all of which come highly recommended. We’ve also thrown in a couple of podcasts and YouTube channels for good measure.

Lawless French

Laura K Lawless’ blog is a one-stop shop for French learners. Covering every aspect of French grammar and vocabulary that you could imagine. Lawless French also has quizzes, a ‘mot du jour’ (word of the day) page and an online learning system. Organised by level, these resources will come in handy for any French learner.

Love Learning Languages

Love Learning Languages is a blog connected to a website and YouTube channel, where Jennifer covers French topics such as conjugating irregular verbs, and practising pronouns. In the blog you’ll find tips on learning and retaining vocabulary, as well as listening comprehension exercises.

Talk In French

Covering all levels of French learners, Talk In French is full of quizzes to test your linguistic knowledge and track your language-learning progress. This blog also covers cultural areas such as etiquette and politeness in France and French-speaking countries. This blog will further enrich your French learning experience.

French Today

French Today is one of the most popular and widely known blogs for French learners. Here, you’ll find everything from French nicknames for loved ones, to bilingual travel blogs. There are also French audiobooks available for download on the site, and the opportunity to take French lessons via Skype.

FluentU French

If you’re looking for a mix of language learning tips and motivation, alongside links to additional French resources, then the FluentU blog is for you. You can also find articles that will teach you numerous French idioms and slang, so all aspects of the language are covered.

French Crazy

This blog is a comprehensive guide to France and everything French related. With articles on everything from wine to verbs, French Crazy immerses you in French culture and language learning. The blog also contains links to websites where you can watch French news and TV shows, and browse French book recommendations for all levels.

FrenchPod 101

FrenchPod is a fun, fast and easy way to aid your French learning. Each podcast has accompanying PDFs full of notes from each ‘lesson’, and there’s also a forum where learners can discuss each podcast. The hosts are fun and enthusiastic, and cover all areas of French learning.

Coffee Break French

This podcast from Radio Lingua has lessons for every learner, from beginner to advanced. Hosted by experienced French teachers, their relaxed but structured style of teaching will help you progress through the different aspects of learning French, such as tenses, grammar and vocabulary.

Learn French With Pascal

Pascal’s fun and friendly style makes his YouTube channel one of the most popular amongst French learners. Through his concise, yet informative videos, you’ll learn everything from how to invite people round for dinner, to more basic aspects such as learning numbers. A resource rich in content for all learners.

This YouTube channel, run by the lovely Geraldine, covers a variety of French cultural and linguistic areas. Videos such as ‘5 Amazing French Women from History’ will help you learn about the history behind the language, whereas others such as ‘French Plurals’ focus on the grammatical side of French. With 82k followers, it’s a popular resource for a wide range of learners.

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