Top 10 Language Blogs for Learning Any Language

Top 10 Language Blogs for Learning Any Language

Post updated 13/02/2020. Whether you're a student that needs to take a break from studying, or a language tutor looking for new resources, our list of the best language blogs will provide you with linguistic inspiration. Our list includes language blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels to keep you motivated.

If you’re finding textbooks tedious, and grammar hard-going, then blogs are a great way to pep up your language learning. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 language blogs that will help you learn a variety of languages. And in the name of variety, we’ve thrown in a couple of podcasts and YouTube channels for good measure too.


A long-established blog, Lingholic is still one of the best for language learning motivation. It contains invaluable tips that cover every aspect of learning a language, from retaining vocabulary to how to become fluent.

Fluent in 3 months

Benny’s blog is full of language hacks such as how to use YouTube to benefit your learning. It has many cultural articles, and includes a forum where you can discuss all things language with other learners. A speaker of 7 languages himself, Benny infuses language learning with fun and enthusiasm.

Itchy Feet

If you’re looking for some real light-hearted fun to brighten up the hours spent with textbooks, then look no further than Itchy Feet. A comic strip website created by Malachi Ray Rempen, it deals with the funny, and sometimes awkward, aspects of travelling and learning a new language.

Lindsay Does Languages

Created by language tutor Lindsay, this blog has something for every language learner. From general advice and motivation tips, to her podcast that she hosts from around the world with her husband, Lindsay’s passion for languages is infectious. She also gives learners the opportunity to further their language skills through her courses, which are available through her website.


screenshot of the optilingo website

The OptiLingo blog offers a range of detailed advice for language learners at all stages in their journey towards fluency. From general language learning tips, to thorough pieces on cognition and the language learning proces, the blog has plenty of information to excite your interest in learning a new language.


From travelling tips, to mastering the Cyrillic alphabet, the Eurolinguiste blog is a real treasure trove for culturally curious learners. There are also recommendations on the best apps for language students, free downloadable learning guides, and online languages course available for enrolment. A varied and wonderful resource.

A Polyglot Dream

When you find a blog creator who is fluent in 10 languages, you know you’re on to something special. Luca’s site uses his learning experience as a basis from which to advice others on the best techniques to reach fluency. With articles on areas such as phonetics, and advice than spans languages such as Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, A Polyglot Dream is a great blog for anyone looking to learn a new language.

Language Pod 101

A great podcast that covers a wide variety of languages, Language Pod 101 would be a great addition to your learning. Key elements of each target language, along with language-related discussions, form part of every ‘lesson’. Alongside detailed vocabulary and grammar advice, the Language Pod is well worth a listen.

Actual Fluency

Engaging guests, language learning tips, and travel advice makes Kris Broholm’s language podcast a great resource for language learners. He places emphasis on the importance of goal setting when picking up a new language, and also covers a wide range of languages, from the widely spoken to those in minority across the world.

Olly Richards YouTube channel

Olly’s concise, friendly YouTube videos combine specific language learning tips and resources, with guest speakers and linguistic discussion. On his channel you can learn anything from how to prepare for a week in China, to the top language learning tips from musicians, all in videos that are easy-going and easy to follow.

Steve Kauffman YouTube channel

Steve Kauffman, famous for creating the LingQ online language learning system, has a YouTube following of over 100k. By combining his personal experience of learning 12 languages with his top tips for students, Steve’s channel is a must-watch for budding linguists. He also focuses on specific language-related issues, such as multilingual activism, and learning a language in later life.

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Natasha Saednejad is a French, Spanish, and ESL tutor in Surrey. A graduate of French & Hispanic Studies from King's College London, Natasha runs her own tutoring company in Surrey, NMS Tuition.

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