Top Ten English Language Blogs For English Language Learners

Top Ten English Language Blogs For English Language Learners

Looking for new ways to learn or teach the English language? We've compiled a list of the best English Language blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels to keep you motivated. Whether you're looking to improve your reading, writing, speaking, or listening, these blogs are a great source of inspiration.

If textbooks are closing your eyelids faster than you can say ‘bedtime’, and you’re looking to inject some new resources into your English language learning, then there’s no better place to look than English language blogs. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 English language blogs, that all come highly recommended, and we’ve thrown in a couple of podcasts and YouTube channels for good measure too.

1. FluentU English

A wonderfully varied resource for English learners. This blog covers areas such as grammar and vocabulary, whilst also publishing posts dedicated to language learning tips and motivation. FluentU also posts articles with links to great YouTube channels and podcasts for English language learners.

2. English Teacher Melanie

Melanie is a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) qualified teacher, and the posts on her blog are brilliantly written. Her website contains grammar and vocabulary tips, as well as suggested reading guides for each level of English learner.

3. Real Life English

Real Life English is a multi-platform resource that includes podcasts, a YouTube channel and blog posts, each with a focus on learning English through ‘real life’ situations. There is also a paid, online course you can take (linked on the website) if you’d like to further your online learning.

4. Business English Pod

Available to listen to through iTunes and directly through their website, Business English Pod is a fantastic podcast for professional English Language learners. Covering a range of corporate topics and situations, the website also contains vocabulary lists and eBooks to further your English Language learning.

5. All Ears English

Although an American culture based podcast series, these episodes are great for intermediate to advanced learners, as the two hosts teach you how to use idioms, phrasal verbs and general vocabulary in everyday situations. They also have episodes dedicated to preparing for exams such as those provided by IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language).

6. English With Jo


The lovely Jo, who is Australian, has curated a website containing resources such ‘ESL Word of The Day’, IELTS exam practice, and downloadable English learning resources and lessons. The website also enables its users to have paid online conversation lessons.

7. The British Council

The British Council website is a very comprehensive resource that is useful for English language learners of all levels. There are resources for business English learners, grammar lessons and also podcasts and IELTS prep. There are also games and quizzes if you need a break from all the grammar

8. ESL Games Plus

For any children learning English as a Second Language, ESL Games Plus is a really fun resource. There are a variety of interactive games focusing on different areas of grammar and vocabulary, as well as print-outs and quizzes. There are also videos to help kids practice their listening skills, and games available to play on iPads and mobile devices.

9. BBC Learning English YouTube Channel

The BBC’s YouTube channel for English language learners contain videos covering everything from modal verbs to talking about swimming. The majority of the videos are subtitled, and there are a number of episodes that are filmed in a documentary/tv show style to really help you to practice your listening skills.

10. Learn English With Mister Duncan

A hilariously fun and enthusiastic English teacher, Duncan’s channel has over 68 million subscribers. Although each ‘live’ video can be over 2hrs long, he is an engaging teacher who covers everything from Brexit to breakfast vocabulary.

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