Top 10 German Blogs for German Learners

Top 10 German Blogs for German Learners

Need some light relief from stuyding German? Looking for new ways to improve your language skills? Check out our top 10 German blogs for German learners. There's something here for everyone, whether you're looking for blogs about German grammar, or information on the country's culture.

If you’re fed up with boring textbooks, or you simply want to mix up your German language learning, then what better place to learn than with German blogs. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 blogs that will help you learn German. All of these resources come highly recommended and we’ve thrown in a couple of podcasts and YouTube channels for good measure too.

Transparent Language

The Transparent Language website has a great German language blog. From quizzes to culture, this website has a range of resources from general language learning advice, to deep dive grammar lessons. They have a fantastic Language-Learning Resources email newsletter and their YouTube channel is stock full of insightful German lessons.


LearnOutLive is a languages blog with a fantastic German category. Their posts cover everything from German language reading lists, to grammar points, but with a difference. As the blog’s strapline reiterates, ‘grammar alone doth not a language make’, their focus is on learning German through storytelling.

The Germanz

Based in Australia, The Germanz is a website dedicated to learning the German language. Covering everything from the best German learning apps, to the finer grammar points, this website is an essential read for anyone interesting in improving their German language skills.

Smarter German

Smarter German is an online German language course aimed at beginners. As well as offering 12 free lessons, the website also has a very informative blog that explores various topics, including German learning techniques, German culture, and living & working in Germany.

The German Professor

One of the best language blogs for German learners, The German Professor is dedicated entirely to teaching German. Their blog covers a broad spectrum of topics, including language, grammar, and culture. They also have a quiz section to chart your progress and an excellent list of resources.

Learn German Coach

Learn German Coach is run by a native German speaker. The website has lots of great resources, that cover grammar, expressions and vocabulary, and German slang. As well as having dedicated sections to language insights and German culture, the website also reviews the best German language courses.

Your Daily German

Run by Emmanuel, a native German speaker, Your Daily German has some useful resources that German language learners can dip in and out of. The website’s Word of the Day section is particularly useful for expanding your German vocabulary and Emmanuel’s online course is also worth checking out.

German with Antrim

German with Antrim is run by Herr Antrim, a German teacher with an obvious passion for the language. He uses his website to upload his latest YouTube videos, which are focused on helping German learners. His videos are very informative and Herr’s personality makes them very engaging.

Slow German

Slow German is a blog and podcast for German language learners who are working towards intermediate level German. Created by Annik Rubens, a journalist from Munich, the website’s blog is packed with useful posts on learning the language and they’re all recorded/written in German.

Fluent Language

Fluent Language is run by Kerstin, a native German speaker who teaches a range of different languages. Her website provides some really useful resources on language learning in general, as well as specific topics on German. The website also a Mini Guide for Speaking German, which is well worth a read.

Do you have any of your own German blogs for beginners that you’d recommend? If so, let us know in the comments section below – we’re always keen to expand our list.

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