Top 10 Best 11 Plus Websites, Resources and Blogs

Top 10 Best 11 Plus Websites, Resources and Blogs

Our pick of the very best 11 Plus resources on the web

For an exam that used to be difficult to research online, there’s now a wealth of information available on the 11 Plus. Used by some local authorities as a way of selecting students for the top grammar schools in the country, the Eleven Plus is an exam that can have a significant impact on a student’s future education.


There are currently 164 remaining Grammar Schools in England and Northern Ireland that use the Eleven Plus testing model and these schools are known for consistently performing well in secondary school league tables, such is the demand for 11 Plus resources and practice papers among parents and private tutors.


To help guide you through the best Eleven Plus resources online, we’ve put together a top ten list of our most recommended websites:


1. is one of the most comprehensive 11 Plus websites on the net. Founded in August 2004 by a single parent trying to get to grips with helping their son pass his 11 plus exam, the website has a whole host of practice papers and resources. With an impressive directory of 11 Plus tutors, information on appeals and the UK’s largest 11 Plus community, this website is the crème de la crème of 11 Plus websites.




A true veteran of 11 Plus resources, Bond has been providing materials for the 11 Plus, selective exams and general practice for over 50 years. Their resources have helped millions of primary school pupils pass the Eleven Plus exam and provide private tutors with a broad selection of teaching materials. Bond provide 11 Plus materials for all four subjects: English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.




The UK's 11 Plus community for Parents, Tutors and Students, also provides resources for Independent School Entrance Tests and Common Entrance Exams. With a forum dedicated to 11 Plus discussions and an impressive knowledgebase, this website is a valuable source of information for the exam.


Exam Papers Plus specialises in producing exam practice papers for the 11 Plus (and several other) exams. Their blog has a whole host of information on the eleven plus exam, including study tips, exam information and grammar school admissions.


Created by Mark Chatterton, The 11 Plus Website provides practical advice about the 11 Plus exam. The site also offers both free and paid resources, which are well worth checking out. The site has recently teamed up with tutoring software providers TutorCruncher, which should see the site expanding on its current offerings.




Online since 2004, 11 Plus Swot is one of the oldest Eleven Plus websites on the internet. The brainchild of a parent whose son was about to take the 11+ exam, Tim was surprised to find that no-one offered online testing. 11 Plus Swot has grown to become one of the best 11+ exam resources on the internet. With a well-laid out guide for parents, this website is a one stop shop for all your Eleven Plus needs.




Key Stages Online, or KSOL for short, is a website dedicated to providing 11 Plus products, resources and workshops. Started by two Eleven Plus tutors, this website has a wealth of information on the key stages. Their free resources section is well worth checking out as are their school holiday workshops.




Run by private tutor and entrepreneur Victoria Olubi, The Tutoress has a range of 11 Plus materials for parents and tutors. Based in the heart of West London, this company also provides intensive 11+ courses, bootcamps and online tuition classes. With an impressive blog full of useful advice about the Eleven Plus exam and how to prepare for it, Victoria’s website is one of the best 11 Plus resource around. We also interviewed Victoria about her experiences of the private tutoring industry, where she speaks about her 11 Plus Courses - The Tutoress - An Interview with Victoria Olubi.




Packed with Eleven Plus products and resources, 11 Plus DIY offers a range of revision materials and practice papers for students about to sit the exam. They offer Easter Revision Courses and an impressive series of Eleven Plus videos on YouTube about how to approach verbal and non-verbal reasoning.




Developed to help parents find their way through the 11 Plus maze, 11 Plus Guide has over twenty years of experience helping parents through 11 Plus entries for Grammar and Independent Schools. Filled with useful, practical advice, this website is a must-read for parents looking for information on the Eleven plus exam.




Owned by Tracey Phelps, a private tutor based near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, 11 Plus Leap provides 11 Plus practice papers to parents and tutors. Their goal is to enable educators to gain a true understanding of how students are progressing by providing accurate 11 Plus practice papers.




Eleven Plus Advice provides parents with local information on Eleven Plus exams, particularly focusing on the areas of Bucks and Kent. The website also provides information on grammar school selection in London, Warwickshire and other local authorities that still have the 11 Plus grammar school selection test.


Okay, so our top ten actually has 11 websites listed, but hey...who's counting? Have you used any of these websites for information and materials on the 11 Plus? If so, we’d be interested in hearing about your experiences with them. Have you come across any other Eleven Plus websites that are particularly useful for parents and private tutors? We’d love if you could help us add to this list.


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