The Private Tuition Infographic

The Private Tuition Infographic

Everything you wanted to know about the private tuition industry in one up-to-date, colourful infographic

The private tuition industry has seen some significant changes in recent years.


In the last decade, the market has grown to an estimated £6 million in the UK alone, with figures of $8 billion being quoted as the industry's worth worldwide. We've seen demand increase so much that some tutoring agencies report a 42% growth in business in the last year and one online tuition platform has suggested their business has grown by a colossal 500% within 12 months.


With 1 in 4 school children in the UK now using private tutors, the future of the industry makes for interesting observation.


With average earnings of £22 per hour, more and more qualified people are setting up businesses as private tutors. Maths, English and science have proven the most popular tuition subjects and national newspapers are reporting that parents are arranging summer tuition for their kids to avoid summer slumps. Figures suggest that around 27% of kids will use a tutor during the holiday period.


Our infographic gathers all the latest happenings in the private tuition industry over the last few years to give you an up-to-date insight of where the industry is at the moment. Feel free to use the infographic as you like, all we ask is that you provide a link back to The Tutor Website to cite us as the original source.


To download, simply right click the image and 'save image as' or view it here.


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