How to Start a Tutoring Agency Using Industry Standard Software

How to Start a Tutoring Agency Using Industry Standard Software

Guest Post by TutorCruncher

As with establishing any new business, there’s a lot to think about when starting a tutoring agency. First of all, there’s the financial side to think about - how will you fund your business venture to ensure it launches successfully? And how about the practicalities of running your business? How will you deal with workflow automation?


Well, in an age where 70% of people own a smartphone, the future of business administration lies in technology and the flexibility it brings to its users. So it was only a matter of time before the private tuition industry received a technological makeover in the from of industry standard software.


TutorCruncher was built by a team of tutors, students and tutoring agencies who recognised that a solution was needed to solve the management challenges of small and large scale tutoring companies. Whether completing tutor timesheets or running income reports, TutorCruncher offers an all in one package to help streamline the day to day running of an agency.


Access Your Business from Anywhere

As the UK sees a rise in flexible working, more and more businesses are now mobile and private tutoring agencies are no different. A study centre that outsources tutors doesn’t need to be based in any one location and many tutors themselves, travel to student’s homes rather than teaching from a fixed classroom. With new technologies making flexible working easier than ever before, TutorCruncher are at the forefront of driving the tuition industry in this direction. Their iPhone and Android Apps allow tutors to log time sheets and lesson reports while on the move as well as having the facility for tutors to apply for new jobs.


Schedule Lessons Easily

A successful tutoring agency can find themselves booked up with lessons weeks in advance. It’s therefore important that systems are in place to ensure lesson times are recorded accurately. With TutorCruncher’s software, lessons can be planned and tracked easily; ensuring neither students nor tutors gets double booked. And all this can be done at the click of a button.


Hassle-Free Invoicing and Billing


Invoicing is perhaps the most essential component of any agency’s management system. Invoicing students and parents for lessons on time allows for consistent cash flow and keeps your business ticking over. Having lesson time sheets stored within your management system, means easy billing and ensures that the billable amount is correct. TutorCruncher’s software allows business owners to automatically invoice and pay clients and tutors, respectively. 


Monitoring Progress


An agency that provides access to pupil reports gains the trust of parents. By allowing students and parents to check progress reports, you instil confidence in your service, showing that your tutors follow lesson plans and know their subjects well. Being able to send pupils lesson reports directly can be a great way of providing timely feedback ahead of their next lesson. TutorCruncher’s software allows parents to monitor their child’s progress by logging into their own personal account. 


TutorCruncher provides bespoke management software to the tuition agency industry. This exemplary software results in improved efficiency and the seamless running of all administrative and organisational tasks. For more information on how TutorCruncher’s software can help you in establishing your tutoring agency, check out their website. 


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