About us

The Tutor Website brings tutors and tutees together in a safe and trusted environment to teach, learn and achieve success.

We help tutors establish and grow their private tuition business whilst giving parents and students a choice of tutors to choose from covering a vast range of subjects.

Why choose The Tutor Website?

Since our inception in 2011, we have established ourselves as a leading hub for tutors and students in the UK. Over 400 registered and verified tutors meet the needs of over 600 enquirers per month.

Organic Google rankings place us on page one of search results for common search terms and we enjoy an average of 18.5K website visits per month.

Our private tutor directory generates over 600 enquiries a month for our tutors and is the most effective way for private tutors to find new clients.

Professional resources for private tutors

We have partnered with Doddle Learn, an online learning resource platform, to offer TTW tutors access to the Doddle Learn suite of subject resources to supplement their teaching methods, and help embed learning.

Doddle Learn’s online resources and presentations save lesson planning time and allow tutors to quickly identify student weaknesses. Using interactive self-marking quizzes, tutors get instant insights into performance and progress so they can target their tuition effectively.

Students love this content too, as it’s interactive, dynamic, and created to make learning enjoyable. It’s also aligned to the latest curricula and exam boards specifications and is updated regularly.

What next?

We’d encourage anyone interested in becoming a tutor to read the articles on our blog for more advice on how to set up a tutoring business. And if you need help promoting yourself, then we’d encourage you to advertise as a private tutor on our site.

Parents and students can get started straight away by registering with us and then using our simple Find a Tutor process.