Parents and tutors share their views on private tuition

Parents and tutors share their views on private tuition
09 May, 2013

16 tutors, seven parents and two pupils on the private tutoring boom

The Guardian newspaper have collated the opinions of several parents and private tutors on why there continues to be an increasing demand for private tuition. Split into two categories, 'parents' views' and 'tutors' views', the article makes for interesting reading and reveals some of the reasons behind the demand. Interestingly, one tutor disclosed:

'None of my clients strike me as being particularly wealthy and some are clearly on mid to low incomes. Approximately 75% of my current clients are from immigrant families.'

Another tutor gave their views on the private tuition boom:

'I think the boom is in part driven by a sense that money is better invested in 'topping up' state education rather than going private, and for the children that are in private education already, it's driven at least partly by the idea that only degrees from 'the best' universities are worth anything any more.'

The article also explores the opinions of parents, with one person explaining:

'I have three children and they have been going to private tutors since they were in reception. It cost me almost £300 a month. As a parent I believe it is worth the finacial sacrifice, as it has benefited them immensley.'

Another parent explained:

'My son is Autistic. His mainstream school (with learning support) insists that he is a D & E student, but when I tutored him in Maths he rose to a B student.'

The full article can be read on the Guardian website.

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