The Tutor Website - 496 Tutor Enquiries in January 2013

The Tutor Website - 496 Tutor Enquiries in January 2013
02 February, 2013

Almost 500 tutor enquiries generated last month

After announcing our highest number of tutor enquiries last month, we've already exceeded that number in January!  Last month, our website generated almost 500 individual tutor enquiries.  With 300 tutors now registered, our website is fast becoming one of the most effective private tutor directories in the UK.  Private tutors can register their details and add an advert on our site for only £25 a year - that's what the average private tutor charges per hour! 

According to the testimonials we receive from our tutors, our website is seen as being great value for money.  One way our tutors can help maximise the amount of referrals they receive from the site is by reading our guide on How to Make the Most of The Tutor Website.

Looks like 2013 is set to be a good year for our tutors!

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