The Telegraph's 'A Very Private Tutor' Series

The Telegraph's 'A Very Private Tutor' Series
04 January, 2013

The experiences and opinions of an anonymous private tutor in the UK

Over recent months, The Telegraph have published a series of articles written by an anonymous and reluctant private tutor under the heading ‘A Very Private Tutor’.  The series which began in November 2012 highlights the experiences of the anonymous narrator, good and bad, of working as a tutor in the UK today.  Although the writer’s experiences may differ from the majority of private tutors, the series does cover some interesting subjects such as the current education system and dealing with the parents of tutees.  The latest article in the series, explains what parents should and shouldn’t expect from private tutors.

Judging by the comments from Telegraph readers, not everyone agrees with the writer’s opinions.  It would be interesting to hear what our readers make of the articles and the experiences that the writer shares.

The Telegraph’s series ‘A Vey Private Tutor’ can be read here:


A Very Private Tutor: Introduction


What is Poetry?

Where Have the Ruperts and Millies Gone?

Does Holiday Tutoring Help or Harm?


Mary Poppins Is Long Gone

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    The Tutor Website17 January, 2013; 22:55pm

    You make some excellent points here Rowena. Thanks for sharing your views.

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    rowena Hawtin17 January, 2013; 09:04am

    i would not let the anonymous tutor anywhere near a child of mine. He sounds arrogant and disdainful and far from the parents regarding him as an inferior being, may i suggest that he regards private tutoring as some second rate part time job. far from it - the tutor has a huge responsiblity in shaping and encouraging a child's development and the academic cannot progress without the social element.

    if you are just doing it for the money until you get a 'proper job' - don't give up and let the poor children have someone who really cares about their development.

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